How to use a Bearing Puller

A bearing puller is sometimes used when the wheel bearings on a vehicle need to be replaced. The wheel bearings serve two vital and useful purposes. They spin the wheels on the of car and also support the car’s weight. In order to perform these function, wheel bearings need to be in almost perfect shape. The seals on the parts must be tight and leak-free to keep the lubricant inside and contamination out.

Why Bearing Pullers are Used


As a result, bearing pullers often are used to replace bearings that are in less-than-perfect condition. The bearings, indeed, perform, an important role as bearings for an average 3,400 pound car must be able to support as much as an 850-pound load. That’s a lot of weight to harness over a large span of miles.

How Bearings Become Damaged

While wheel bearings are made to last at least 150,000 miles, continual driving and the consistent load they endure does take its toll on the parts as well as on the grease lubricating the seals. If a wheel bearing is damaged, it is usually the result of contamination, a maladjustment or a lack of grease. If a seal begins to leak, you will have no choice but to replace the part.

What’s more, if the seals on a bearing assembly fail, they cannot be fixed individually. Instead, the complete hub assembly will require replacement. Probably, water affects a bearing’s life more than any other substance. Not only does water cause corrosion, it also contaminates the grease on the seal. Most wheel bearings on vehicles are not made to prevent the pressure that water can place on the part. Because replacing a bearing can be expensive, knowing how to use a bearing puller can be helpful to anyone who wants to make a repair himself.

Preparing the Bearing for Replacement

So, if you want to change the bearings on your vehicle, you will have to know how to use a bearing puller. Both a bearing puller and a wrench will be needed to accomplish the task. You will also need a rag to clean the hub so the puller can more easily grip and pull out the bearings on your vehicle.
Follow a Two Step Process when Using a Bearing Puller:

Step One – Clean the Hub for the Bearing Thoroughly

So, if you want to know how to use a bearing puller to replace your bearings, you will first need to extract the hub for the bearing. Clean the hub thoroughly before proceeding on to step number two.

Step Two – Pull Out the Bearing

You will definitely know how to use a bearing puller after completing this second step. The tool, when extended, looks similar to a three-armed spider. Push the arms toward each other and grasp the race, or the back of the bearing. Tighten the puller’s center while simultaneously pulling the arms toward you. Perform the activity until the bearing is released from the hub.

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