How to Use a Camper for a Rental Unit

Many single people are having a hard time finding a rental unit that they can afford. This economy is not helping, and sometimes, all a prospective tenant needs is a room, a place to take a shower, a bed, and a microwave oven for quick meals.

A small used camper fits this description perfectly, and depending on zoning, this might be just right for creating a back yard rental unit. Zoning and city ordinances will dictate if you can have a travel trailer or camper in your back yard, or elsewhere on your property. Check with your city or county to find out if there are restrictions and what they are. Find out if there are special considerations, such as fencing needed, license tags for the trailer, etc. If you live in the county, or outside city limits, restrictions may be more lax. Find out also about letting someone live in it. If neighbors complain, there will probably be a warning, but it could turn into a fine if there is a problem. So be aware of all your zoning and ordinances before purchasing a travel or camping trailer for this purpose.

Most campers, used, can be found for $800 on up. Sometimes, depending on size, age of the trailer and a desperate seller, they can be found for less. Twenty-one foot campers can be found for around $1,000. Research the web and Craigslist for campers for sale near your location.

Campers can be moved to your lot, and set up on bricks or a foundation if needed. This adds stability. Electrical sources, water sources and sanitation can all be either linked into your home or a nearby source for these needs. Sanitation can be chemical toilets that are available for campers, or can be linked in with your own septic system. Heavy duty extension cords can provide lighting, air conditioning and other electrical needs, but make sure the lines are not overloaded. Determine whether providing air conditioning is necessary, especially if the trailer is under the shade from trees or overhangs.

Small refrigerators, microwave ovens, sinks and a shower can provide all the needs for someone who does not need a whole lot. A working individual may just need a space to come home to, fix a quick meal and go to bed. If the camper has a screened enclosure, this can further provide ‘living space’ outside the confines of the camper itself, and make it much more accomodating in nice weather. Heating a space this small is not hard to do, and one space heater should do it.

This is just one idea in ways to create an added source of income, if you are out of ideas. This source of income can go on for years.