How to Use a Facial Steamer or Facial Sauna?

Facial steamers or facial saunas help your skin to glow and remove all your skin problems. It keeps your skin moist and provides nourishment that is necessary for your skin. It covers the area of face and upper neck. You can also use to relax your facial muscles and to meditate. It just take five minutes for steaming problem skin but if you want to exceed the relaxation session then it can be till 30 minutes.

Step1: You have to follow few of the steps to get entertained by this facial steaming session. The step one is to open the base by twisting the top off.

Step 2: You have to add warm water in the reservoir section so that it should reach the fill line. You shouldn’t fill till top rather till where the mark is mentioned. If you don’t see any fill line then you ought to leave one inch of head space above the water level to keep it from boiling over.

Step 3: Once it is done add one or two drops of essential oil to the required reservoir because it may be part of the face mask unit. You shouldn’t add essential oil directly to water because when the water will get a boil the steam would evaporate the oil immediately.

Step 4: Next you should reinstall the cover or cover flap on top of the base. You should check to make sure that the face mask is already installed on top of this cover. Check beforehand that the screw is attached properly or not.

Step 5: After checking that the facial steamer unit is plugged you can surely press steam button on.

Step 6: You have to wait for three minutes until you see the unit light comes on. If you don’t have any unit starting light then you should see traces of steam generated by the machine after about three minutes. In the mean time you should wait and clean your face and upper neck.

Step 7: The basic procedure starts now for applying mask and that is you should gently place your face against the face mask. If you require extra steam only then you should apply the towel rest there is no need. If you require one then it should be a cool, damp towel as necessary and relax yourself for not more than 30 minutes.

Step 8:If you are finished then turned the machine off and wash your face with cold water. The water in the reservoir is quite cool enough to handle. Open the reservoir as it is directed and should pour the water out and you can wipe the reservoir with a clean dry cloth.

Follow the above mentioned steps to use a facial steamer or facial sauna.