News How to use a Yurt for your Business Needs

How to use a Yurt for your Business Needs


How to use a Yurt for your Business NeedsYurts are a traditional, transportable structure used by the nomads of Mongolia. They are becoming an excellent and affordable option with many interesting applications for a number of businesses. It is increasingly easy to find Yurts for Sale or to rent, across Asia, Europe, the US and, of course, the UK. Here are some ideas to use a yurt for your business needs:

Wellness Purposes

If you run a business with a focus on wellness a yurt can provide an additional structure you can add to your personal property or outside your office if space allows. Yurts are a reinforced structure that allows natural light to enter and also have a new age feeling ideal for meditation, yoga, massage and natural health care treatments such as reiki, acupuncture and reflexology. If you wish to have a home practice a yurt is a “new age” structure that will provide the tranquil setting your clients will expect and appreciate during their treatments with a private and unique space ideal for offering soothing, traditional treatments.

Mobile Option

If you participate in open air events throughout the year a yurt provides the perfect option for a unique and mobile space for your booth. Whether you attend flea markets, conferences or other types of open air sales events, a yurt is designed to offer a mobile structure that is unique and accommodating for a number of uses. You can stand out from the crowd at antique sales and gallery events with this interesting structure that will draw crowds to your display. They are easy to carry around on your vehicle and easy to erect as well. You can order a bespoke yurt to your specifications so you can use it as you need it.

Event Planning

A yurt provides an excellent option for event planners. If you own an event business or event venue, yurts offer a unique option to offer to your clients. You can order a larger size yurt and offer the perfect, romantic, eco friendly place for unique weddings, events and retreats. A bespoke yurt can be custom designed to meet your needs and the elegant natural tone of the canvas against the rustic wood finish offers a stunning backdrop for any number of intimate gatherings. The modern bride will love this option and a yurt can be dressed up beautifully with flowers and other design details to add to the romantic appeal. It is also an ideal spot for company retreats and team building events and you can offer to set it up in any number of outdoor spaces for your clients.

If you own a large property as part of your country inn, bed and breakfast or hotel you can consider adding a single or a few yurts to your accommodation offerings. Yurts can be placed beside a brook, river or pond for a tranquil setting that is rustic and comforting. It is an eco-friendly option that will appeal to the green traveller and will provide an additional attraction to help boost your business.

As you can see a yurt has many applications to assist you with your business endeavours.

How to use a Yurt for your Business Needs
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