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How To Use Airdrop On Mac With OS X Lion and Mavericks Using Finder and Share Menu?


If you are using Mac OS X Yosemite, OS X Lion or Mavericks, then you must be aware of the file sharing Mac feature called AirDrop. The Feature lets you transfer files between Mac systems or Mac to iPhone, even if the devices are in different network. This article will explain how to use AirDrop on Mac with Lion OS X, Mountain Lion or Mavericks.

AirDrop was first introduced with Mac Lion OS X (OS X 10.7) and iOS 7. The feature enables you to send files between supported iOS mobile devices and Mac computers without using any mass storage device or emails. If you are a student, professional or anyone who requires transferring files, then you must learn to use AirDrop on Mac. It provides you the quickest and easiest way of sending and receiving files.

Setup AirDrop Mac

It is quite easy to setup AirDrop on Mac; there is no hassle regarding that. As a user, you don’t require installing any extra software or any other settings. The file sharing tool comes pre-installed on Mac systems and iOS devices running on Mac OS X Lion (OS X 10.7) and iOS 7 and above respectively.

You just need to locate the tool in your system. You can locate the tool in the Share Menu, Finder, and in “Open and Save” windows. One basic requirement for using this tool is that the two Mac systems involved as file receiver and sender must have AirDrop window open in it. In that way, whenever you open the file sharing tool in your Mac, it will automatically search for other nearby Mac systems with AirDrop window open in it.

So setting is not at all an issue, with this tool.

How to use AirDrop on Mac?

To use the tool in your Mac system, you can use the following methods:
Using Finder

• From the Finder on your system, select Go > AirDrop, or you can select AirDrop from the sidebar of the Finder window.

• Next your recipient needs to select AirDrop from the Finder of his/her computer

• Once, the tool gets open on the sender and receiver computer, you just need to drag the file to your AirDrop window and then drop it onto the recipient’s icon.

• Next, just click ‘Send.’

• To receive the files from your recipient, simply click ‘Save’ and in that way he will approve the incoming files.

That will initiate the downloading of files on the receiver’s computer.

Using Share Menu

If you are using the Share Menu to use the file transferring Mac tool, then you need to perform the following steps:

• From the Share Menu, select AirDrop

• On the other Mac, your recipient can select AirDrop from the Finder

• Once, the connection is set; you need to select the recipient in the Share sheet

• Next, click ‘Send.’

• Now, your recipient needs to approve the file transfer on the other computer, and that will initiate the downloading of the files.

What to Do When AirDrop is Not Setting Up Connection?

Sometimes, it might happen that your Lion OS X or other Mac or iOS operating system is not being able to find the receiver Mac system. To troubleshoot this problem, you can try out the following methods:

• Recheck whether your Wi-Fi is turned on at both computers. While using AirDrop, you need not get connected to any specific network, but yet it is important that the wireless network on the both computers must remain turned on.

• Next, confirm that your recipient has selected the AirDrop from the Finder Window. If the option is not accessible in the Finder window, then check whether the computer is compatible with AirDrop.

• Thirdly, you can try bringing the two computers closer to each other. That is because the tool works only when the two computers are within a reasonable range, which is usually 30 feet (9 meters). That means you can use this tool only to send files to someone within your 9 feet radius. To send files to someone at distant places, you can use email, File Sharing or iCloud.

• Finally, also confirm that in the Security & Privacy pane of System Preferences, you have enabled ‘Block all incoming connections.’

With these easy steps, using the Finder and Share menu you can use AirDrop on Mac running on Lion OS X, Mountain Lion or Mavericks. However, for Yosemite OX systems the process will be different. Although, the tips mentioned in this article are checked by users and found effective, still you may come across hassles. For more information regarding use of AirDrop on Mac, you should refer other published articles and blogs available online.

How To Use Airdrop On Mac With OS X Lion and Mavericks Using Finder and Share Menu?
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