How to Use an E-Admission Portal: Guidelines for Parents

With the world shifting towards technology, everything has started becoming more and more tech friendly and compatible. This only makes things and life much easier and less complicated.

Even while searching schools and enrolling your child in a new school, technology nowadays has a huge role to play. Like there is a portal to buy stuff online, there is also a portal where you can search for the best schools in your locality, compare them, filter the ones that fulfill your criteria and then apply online to those schools. This obviously saves a huge amount of time, energy and effort. And this is something no one can afford to waste in today’s times.

This e-admission portal is called Admizon and is a one of a kind portal for online admissions.

The entire process of how to utilize this portal is mentioned below:

Registration : The first step before you start utilizing this portal is registration. It is absolutely simple and can be done in minutes. What parents merely need to do is fill up parents’ registration forms and submit them online. And yes, this registration is absolutely free.

Complete your profile : Once your done with your registration, the next step is completing your profile. It basically involves information about yourself and your requirements. Completing your profile is extremely important as it helps the portal understand better about you which will ultimately help you when you search for schools for your little one.

Search Schools : This is the major step that you have been looking forward for. Here, you can simply enter basic information about your requirement as and when it is asked to set a criteria to zero in on a school for your child that you have been looking for. Once you submit your criteria, you will find a list of schools that are searched by our powerful search engine. Ample information about each school is provided so that you can easily compare the schools and select the best one for your child.

Apply online : This step is extremely simple. Once you are done with comparing schools and finally have chosen the schools that fit your criteria, you can apply to them online itself. You just need to fill up a simple form and pay online through a safe payment gateway provided on the portal. This helps you do the job efficiently and without much effort.

This way online school admissions have actually become a simple and efficient process for the parents.