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How To Use Daily Affirmations to Achieve Your Goals

Doing daily affirmations is not only an excellent way to reprogram your mindset and belief system, they also keep you on track toward your achieving your goals, they keep you grounded and focused on those goals, and they help to create self-awareness while providing you with a way to grow internally.

To get the best results from these affirmations, try devoting at least 10 minutes a day to practice them. During this time you can repeat them as many times as you can. The thing to remember however, is to not let it become a chore. It is meant to be enjoyed, so if 10 minutes is too long, then repeat them for whatever time frame suits you.

Also remember that even though affirmations are considered to be ‘thought energy’… they are very fragile, and without your belief and faith in what you’re trying to achieve, they could falter and die.

So you need to have the belief and the faith to know that you can achieve what you set out to accomplish. Be sure to keep your affirmations short, strong and solid, because these words are a reflection of your desires and they will become a reflection of your life.

Why Use Affirmations

Some people will ask why should we use affirmations, and I say, ‘Why not?’ They can be added to your manifesting process so they can help give you the feeling that you either already have or can achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

They help raise your ‘vibrational level’ and could possibly give you an energy high that equals the situation you want to manifest, and as long as your vibration is high and you are positive about your manifestation, then your success rate should increase.

This is especially true about your finances, your money or your love life. These are situations that can be extremely negative, so maintaining a high vibration level in order to manifest any situation involving them becomes even more important.

Using affirmations is also a way in which you can bolster your confidence and self-esteem. They can be used to combat any negative statements either you or someone else has made about yourself. Writing Affirmations

Using them is an excellent way to reprogram your subconscious mind so that you can release blockages that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Any part of your life that needs improving can be done by using affirmations, and since you have an average of 60,000 thoughts a day, and more than half of them are negative, affirmations can be used to control and eliminate a good portion of these negative thoughts.

Positive Attitude Through Affirmations

It has been said that our universe is made in a way to support our success, happiness, abundance and wealth. All you need to do is to align yourself to the way the universe works and you will be able to receive all that you visualize.

If this is the case, then it stands to reason that any change you want to make in your life – including a positive attitude – can also be accomplished by using affirmations.

The whole point of making affirmations a part of your daily routine is to shift your thought pattern and emotions to a more positive place so you feel more confident, happy, secure, abundant, or anything else you’re trying to accomplish.

How To Be Patient When Using Affirmations

  • Meditate or visualize on your affirmation before you start.
  • Watch an up-lifting movie.
  • Work on your vision board.
  • Think about some of the happiest moments in your life.
  • Think of the excitement of having your affirmation materialize.
  • Read true inspirational stories about people who are experiencing what you are.

Two of my favorite books are Joseph Murphy’s ‘Your Infinite Power To Be Rich,’ and and Dr. Anne Marie Evers book, ‘Affirmations: Your Passport To Happiness.’ Not only do these books have true success stories, but they also show you paths you can take to achieve the same.

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