How to use Dropbox


Dropbox is an online cloud service that helps store and share your files with the ability to synchronizes them on multiple computers. They have both a free and paid accounts. The free account gives you 2GB of storage, but if you need more you can upgrade to to their Pro 50 or Pro 100 options or even the teams option.

Pro 50 50GB $9.99 a month or $99.00 a year
Pro 100 100GB $19.99/month or $199.00/year
They also have pricing for teams:

How to set it up

1. First click here to visit Dropbox and create a free account

2. Download and Install the Dropbox software on your Mac, PC, or Linux machine

3. Once installed, you will login and the software will create a Dropbox folder on your computer

The ‘Dropbox’ folder is a special folder is tied to the Dropbox service. Any file that you put into this folder will be automatically detected and uploaded to your Dropbox account.

Useful reasons to use it

1. This is a perfect way to backup your documents with your day-to-day activities. Just change the location to the dropbox folder when you save your document and you instantly have a backup in the event your computer goes *poof*.

2. In addition to creating a folder that Dropbox will save for you, you can share this folder with a friend. This will allow them to view the files you have in the folder and also allow them to contribute to it. Great for sharing pictures! (Like at an event where multiple people have cameras)

3. Great way to get to a file when you are on different machines or even from the web. Replaces the need for a USB thumb drive. (This is how the founder Drew Houston conceived the idea for Dropbox). The files will automatically sync to all the machines that are tied to the account.

4. While your on-the-go and want to get ‘to that one saved file’ to reference or show some pictures you can pull up Dropbox on your Android or iOS device (+few others)

Have more great uses for Dropbox? Shoot me a comment below!

I am not affliated with Dropbox in anyway. I just think very highly of it and use it all the time. I don’t see why other folks would not want to try it out.