How to Use Hair Mousse for Volume

If you want to know how to use hair mousse for volume you’re in the right place, however, there is more to volumizing hair than one might think. For starters volume in hair begins with the shampoo and conditioner used. You can have the best volumizing mousse or volumizing foam on the planet, but if you use the wrong shampoo and conditioner your hair might still turn out flatter than a pancake.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is invest in a quality volumizing shampoo and possibly no conditioner, but instead use a conditioning hair mouse. When you use a hair mousse with conditioners you kill two birds with one stone. You have a styling aid as well as a conditioning agent all in one. Those with fine hair need to use it sparingly, though, as conditioning mousse can weigh hair down.

Another thing one must consider when it comes to using hair mousse for volume is hair texture and body. A person with natural body in the hair will be able to obtain volume much easier than someone who has no body in their hair. If you have fine limp hair with no body then you really need to learn how to use hair mousse for volume, so technique is another consideration.

That’s right, there is technique involved; the way you apply a hair styling aid is just as important as the styling aid itself. First, be sure that after hair is towel dried that there isn’t too much or too little water left in the hair. If hair is water logged it dilutes the mousse causing the mousse to be ineffective. When you towel dry hair excessively the mousse tends to make the hair too crunchy, crisp or hard for styling.

There must be just the right balance of mousse and water or moisture in the hair prior to drying and styling to achieve maximum volume. This usually takes some trial and error to get down pat, but is necessary. The next step is to comb hair mousse through for optimum coverage. A fine tooth comb is best for fine limp hair, but those with thick hair or body can get by with a wide tooth comb or brush.

Many people make the mistake of just using hands to apply hair mousse, mostly because they don’t know any better. The problem is that when they do this the styling aid can’t possibly be as effective.

It goes without saying that you blow dry hair upside down for maximum volume and dry from scalp to ends. To achieve more volume it helps to keep tension on the hair from scalp to mid shaft by holding the hair tightly between fingers as you dry. Those with curly hair need to scrunch with tension and squeeze hair as tight as possible for shapely curls.

In addition, those with curly hair should separate curls with a hair pick after combing hair mousse through, especially those with fine hair. Curl separation will help dry hair faster as well as ensure shaplier curls.

Keep in mind that learning how to use hair mousse for volume will pay off in the end, so its worth the effort and time to get it right. The combination of proper application and a quality volumizing foam or mousse is a must.

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