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How to Use iFunBox As a Robust iTunes Alternative

No matter productivity is the utmost priority while owning a portable device, however, games, entertainment, and music also plays a vital role in releasing the work stress. If you’re exhausted of your tiring schedule and want to relax a bit, then you can easily visit your iTunes store on the iPad, iPhone, or Mac to gain access of millions of free and paid apps. Categorized on various fronts such as entertainment, productivity, movies, music, books, recipes, and many others, the iTunes is a huge warehouse of the apps. You can easily download as many apps as you want from the Apple’s official store and can use them efficiently on any of the company’s device.

Accessing iTunes again and again can be a tiring process and you may feel annoyed while using the same interface that require more time for file transfers. If you’re looking for an ideal alternate to your iTunes, then there is no better option than iFunBox. This tool efficiently acts as an App/File Manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and provides you with the desired results within a small period of time. The iFunBox also helps you manage your Apple’s device without iTunes, and will ensure easy and safe file transfers by taking lesser time than usual.

In this article, you will read about how to use iFunBox as a robust iTunes alternative.

Why do you need an alternate for iTunes?

Your iTunes experience might have served as an easy way to organize and enjoy the music, films, apps and books that you’ve already got, but its files transfer rates are quite low. Often, known as the platform to carry complete apps database for iPads, the iTunes features poor file syncing features that might make you feel frustrated and annoyed. Users have a usual tendency of opening up a device and dumping files onto it, however, iTunes may take hours to complete a simple task like copying over a pile of comic books to the hard drive.

In addition to this, users possessing an iPad from long will understand that it doesn’t come with an option to simply open up the iOS device. And you can’t even attach a flash drive to copy files between your PC and device. It will be a quite frustrating moment for users who want to transfer a bunch of files to their device or PC.

iFunBox introduces itself as the most efficient file transfer/managing app that makes it easy to use just-sending-it-to-my-flash-drive features with higher transfer rates. While running a file manipulation process on your iOS devices, the toll doesn’t let you not wait for iTunes to create backup, syncing, and other routines just for file transferring. Moreover, you need not to totally uninstall iTunes as it will be really productive while creating backups from your Apple’s device.
What all do you need to replace iFunBox with iTunes?

iFunBox is an application that is available for entire OS X series and works pretty well with all iOS devices. In order to replace this application with your already installed iTunes, you will be requiring a free copy of iFunBox and the iOS Device, on which it needs to be replaced. Moreover, it would be preferred to keep a few files on hand for testing that the installation has successfully completed and the newly installed app is working fine. It is recommended not to use your jailbroken iOS device to install this app as more than 99% of the functionality of the app remains unavailable on them.
Installing and configuring iFunBox

The iFunBox is available both as an installer as well as a simple portable app and you can easily choose the one that you prefer. (In this tutorial, the steps for installing and configuring a portable app will be discussed.)

1. Download the app and then either run the installer or unpack the portable app’s ZIP. Double-click on the iFunBox.exe to start the process and attach your device via the USB sync cable to the system.

2. Once your device is connected, you’ll be directed to a unique tab located on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You will be required to click on that tab to switch between attached iOS devices.

3. Now, turn on the ‘Wi-Fi’ sharing feature and access the ‘Find More Apps’ panel made available by default, once the installation and configuration gets over.

The panel offers a quick view of the data that you could find via iTunes (displays most popular free and paid apps) as well as features offered by other useful data aggregation apps such as AppHolic and App Deals. These apps are efficient in displaying details about price drops on popular apps and temporarily free applications.

What the three different ways to Import files with iFunBox?

1. Import files to the core iOS apps

While importing the core iOS apps such as Music, Video, Photos, Ringtones, and others, you need to access the ‘Quick Toolbox’ tab and then click on the appropriate icon located in the ‘Export’ section. Alternatively, you can also click the icon located under the ‘Import’ section to access the faster drag and drop pane. Yes, it’s true, that after having numerous struggles with those confusing iTunes sections, it’s now possible to transfer files to your device just by dragging a bunch of pictures right onto the pane.

2. Transfer files into applications

In order to transfer files into the application, you will be required to access the iTunes ‘File Sharing’ feature and to do the same, navigate to the ‘Managing App Data’ tab. As soon as you will reach this tab, you will be able to see all the apps that support ‘File Sharing’ from/ within iTunes. To transfer these files/apps, double-click on the icon and you’ll be presented with a file browser pane. Now, drag and drop files right onto your iOS device to seamlessly transfer them within the limited time. You can also copy files from your friend’s computer to your iPad by following the same process.

3. Copy and manipulate files is the Classic view

You can easily copy and manipulate files in the Classic view as it is considered to be the most powerful means to transfer files between your iOS device and the system. To access the same, you will be required to switch to the iFunBox ‘Classic ‘tab and then navigate through the entire directory to locate your desired files.

You can also take advantage of the ‘General Storage’ folder that possesses the capabilities to transform your iPad into a flash drive. After accessing the ‘Classic ‘tab, drag and drop the files from our computer to the device and you’re done. Additionally, you can also pull the files off from another location and easily share them with friends by just pressing a few buttons on your device.

Transferring files using iTunes seems to be a difficult task for the beginners as it takes you through many ups and downs. But the iFunBox lets you transfer all those files just by dragging and dropping them from one folder to another. The basic difference between the two is that iFunBox lets speedy transfer of files to your iOS device instead of jumping through hoops. It’s simpler and easy to understand user interface (UI) makes it a preferred choice of users, who don’t want to access iTunes anymore. All in all, iFunBox is an ideal replacement for all those painfully slow iTunes-based transfers that might leave you annoyed and frustrated. So, install this amazing app right now and enjoy drag and drop transferring of your important files to your device as fast as the sync cable can go!

About the Author: Polly M Quinton is an ardent technician associated with Qresolve online pc support with wide experience of fixing issues with PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphone. With a strong track record of devising effective ways of online tech support and system security, she has so far helped thousands of users across the globe. Her writings on tech issues are the reflection of her in-depth interest and command she carries as a pc security support technician. Her blogs and articles have been rated high for their lucid style and easy to understand language.

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