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How to use Startup Repair Tool to troubleshoot startup problems in Windows 7

It is always a horrible experience when your Windows doesn’t boot properly or fails to startup at all. That may happen to anyone’s computer or laptop. But you can troubleshoot such problems by using the certain start up repair tools. This article explains the usage of such tools with special reference to Windows 7 & Vista.

It is the Windows 7 recovery tool that is capable of fixing certain system problems that restrict a computer from starting up. This tool fixes issues like damaged or missing system files. However, it’s not for the purpose of fixing installation problems or hardware issues. Also, it can recover any personal data files that have gone missing. In a nutshell, it is an ideal tool to troubleshoot the booting problems in Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

Repair Tool in Windows 7

It can happen under various circumstances that Windows fails to boot properly. Hardware change, computer errors, unexpected shutdown can be the reasons behind boot up issues. To repair your computer, the Windows Error Recovery screen shows up the real cause that is creating the startup issue. Then, using the options available with repair tool, you can boot Windows normally.

To use this recovery tool, perform the following steps:

• Power off the computer completely

• Then power it up again

• While it starts, keep hitting the F8 key

• Stop only when you see the Advanced Boot Options screen

• On that screen, select Repair Your Computer

• Then hit Enter

• Here, you will get the message…’Windows is loading files…’

• Next, you need to access the command prompt and for that log on as a local user or as the administrator

• Next, you will see the different System Recovery Options from where you need to choose one repair tool

• Click on the first option ‘Startup Repair’

• That will begin the troubleshooting process by scanning, detecting and then fixing problems.

• The process will take some time

• The tool will recommend you System Restore in between the troubleshooting process

• It is advisable to accept system restores but if you wish you can choose not to accept the option and let the tool adopt other ways of fixing the problem

• If you select System Restore, then the tool will take your Windows back to a point when it was working properly. If you select System Restore, then you will get to choose from different date ranges, but you should choose the most recent date.

• After the restore completes, you’ll see the message indicating the success of the restoring process.

• Next, restart your computer

If the tool is not able to fix it, then you will get a message indicating that the tool failed to fix the problem automatically. Also, you will see a summary of the error, which you can send to Microsoft. Depending on what the error is, you will get additional support links, and your device manufacturer might also send you some solutions.

Startup Repair in Vista

To repair your computer in Windows Vista, you can access the repair tool by booting from the installation disc.

• First, select your language settings

• Then click on ‘Next’

• Next, select ‘Repair Your Computer’

• That will open the System Recovery Options window

• Here find your operating system

• Next, run the Startup Repair

• Next, you will see the different System Recovery Options from where you need to choose one recovery tool

• Click on the first option ‘Startup Repair”

• Further steps are similar to Windows 7 as mentioned above

You can also choose other options, like the Memory Diagnostics Tool. It is the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool that checks for errors in the computer’s memory.

However, you should choose this option only if you have received messages indicating an error in the memory or only if you are an experienced user.


It is a good option if your system is facing Windows booting up issues. If you fail to get the Advanced Boot Options screen by using the F8 option, then you can access the tools from a Windows installation disc or System Recovery disc as mentioned above for the Windows Vista.

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