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How to Use the Citrine Gemstone to Eliminate Negative Energy

I was recently asked if you could use the citrine gemstone in your home, and my answer is yes, you can! In fact this crystal is perfect for your home!

This is because it’s one of only two minerals that doesn’t accumulate or hold negative energy. Instead, the negative energy is dispelled and transformed. Because it carries the power of the sun, the crystal acts like a cleanser by absorbing, dissipating and transmuting energy.

Citrine Dispels Negative Energy

Because it doesn’t hold any negative energy, it doesn’t have to be cleansed like other crystals. The gemstone gives warmth and comfort, it invigorates and gives you energy. Some even believe it will protect you from negativity if worn.

Another reason why it is an excellent choice for your home is that it can cleanse a room during times of family disputes by keeping the energy clear and clean and avoiding all negative vibrations.

It is said the gemstone or stone brings confidence and self-discipline and that it simulates your creative energy. It also helps with your personal will and increases your ability to manifest your dreams. It is believed this crystal can make your desires and hopes become tangible.

It Is Called The Happy Stone

This stone is considered to be the ‘happy stone.’ It opens your mind to new possibilities and because it is filled with sun energy, it also brings joy, happiness, and positive outlook to your life.

It is also said to hold an attraction to men because of the self discipline it brings them. The energies in this crystal helps develop their confidence and self-worth, and it helps with completing tasks and conquering the male ego. It can also be very helpful when it comes to manifesting your desires, and could possibly assist you in attracting abundance and prosperity.

It Helps With Optimistic ViewsCitrine Gemstone

This positive outlook gives you an optimistic view which will continually attract everything you need into your life, and it’s not limited to abundance and prosperity. It could also include health, relationships and your material desires.

To get direct benefit from this gemstone, you would need to carry it as a piece of jewelry, or as a stone in your purse, your piggy bank or even your safe and cash box.

When using it in your home, you can place one crystal in each room. This repels negative vibrations and will keep your home clear of negative energy. To help attract more wealth into your home, why not place a stone in the wealth corner, which is the southeast corner of your home.

Some Other Uses For This Gemstone

Your Body – It helps you to release all negative feelings and anything else that serves no purpose in your life. By removing these things, it helps you to grow to the next step in your life.

Your Relationships – It helps keep family or any group situations running smoothly. If there are any problems, it helps bring them to the fore-front so they can be quickly dealt with.

Your Communication Efforts – This stone gives you the clarity you need to speak clearly and with confidence at public gatherings or in front of a group.

Your Business – The stone helps with your creative abilities, thus giving you the ideas you need in having a successful relationship with suppliers and vendors. It also brings support to any of your business plans and your relationship with any partners.

Having Successful Solutions – It is the best stone to use if you are involved in any business affairs, trying to handle family situations, legal issues concerning lawsuits or education, and you want a successful solution.

Your Abundance And Prosperity – It is recommended that you carry the gemstone if you happen to already have material wealth. This is not to bring you more, but to help you from becoming consumed with greed and overly attached to your material wealth.

Your Material Wealth – This stone is really good for helping you attract material wealth and abundance, but it also helps keep you grounded so that you will not become obsessed with this material wealth, so you can remember what’s really important in life.

Where Does Citrine Come From

The gemstone has a pale yellow to pale orange color. It is made of silicon dioxide, and it’s the iron impurities which give the stone its yellow color.

Most of the gemstones being used today comes from amethyst that was heat-treated by being near a very hot heat source in the earth’s crust. The name citrine is French for lemon, and the gemstone also happens to be the birthstone for November.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to know more about the working properties of other crystals, then you can go here to read about green calcite and how to use it for prosperity.

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