News How to Use Your Neighbours Wireless Internet Connection

How to Use Your Neighbours Wireless Internet Connection


How to Steal Your Neighbours Wireless Internet Connection

When Wi-Fi first hit the market many people thought that this is the technology they have been waiting for, they are now able to use their laptops anywhere in the house and still have internet connection. Though this is correct, regrettably lots of other people could us the same internet connection too.

There is a possibility that maybe you were one of the first to use your wireless router to connect via a neighbour’s wireless internet connection. Maybe you might have taken your laptop over to a neighbour’s house and while you were working, you noticed that your laptop was automatically online. Regardless of the fact that you were across the street and four houses away, at least 200 feet, you had rock-solid signal that made it possible to surf the Net freely.

Since your desktop and laptop computers home network is shared, there is the option of connecting to your desktop’s printer. So as you worked, you were able to send the created word document to the printer at your home 200 feet just like you were sitting at your desk working on the document.
After working for a couple hours and then got a coffee break.

Your curiosity might have over powered and you wanted to see if you could steal your neighbours wireless Internet who were in range and certain enough. One was wide open but the other was encrypted. Just for fun, you decided to find out if you can log onto it. In a few seconds after you clicked on the SSID, you were online using another person’s Internet connection. You might have been wondering whose was it, but they must have been nearby because the maximum range of Wi-Fi signals is approximately 300 feet.

That 300 feet signal was nearly 10 years ago. In more recent times, with the aid of inexpensive antennas, you can receive these signals from about a mile away. This Contributed to the ease of people going together to share Internet connections. In this scenario the ISP is the loser. It is similar to sharing a cable television connection. Over time the cable company might run an add declaring, how illegal it is to steal cable TV. Cable theft is not hard to detect. There’s a drop in voltage when the cable lines are shared and split.

Sharing Wi-Fi is virtually impossible to detect – this is because today Internet speeds ranges from 5 to 10 megabytes, allowing several users to share a Wi-Fi connection with very little degradation of the quality of the line, if you’re able to use any exsting wireless connection you’ll be able to make quite a saving.

How to Use Your Neighbours Wireless Internet Connection
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