How To Vectorize An Image

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Do you want to learn how to vectorize an image? A vectorized image is a lot more clearer than any other image so if you want to blow it up, it will look so much better. It won’t be incredibly blurry either. Most people will vectorize an image because they want to resize it without having those “blurry pixels” everywhere. You can easily vectorize a logo, clipart, silhouette, and so on.

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So, what is the process of vectorizing an image? First, you need to trace that image. This is usually done with a second layer. As you are tracing your image, it is transferred onto the layer. If you drew your image in a red color, then use black. If it is drawn in black, use blue to trace it. This way you can see the lines easily. Read below to learn the precise steps of turning an image into a vector.

Transformation: Ways to Turn image into vector

Here are a few different ways you can turn an image into a vector.

Using Adobe Illustrator to vectorize an image

Download Adobe Illustrator. Drag your picture to the Adobe Illustrator icon. Once you have done this, the program will automatically open your logo, clipart, or whatever image you have, into a raster format. It might be achromatic or monochromatic so just choose the image and then go to the live-trace option. This is located beneath the menu bar. You should also choose how many colors in order to vectorize.

Inkscape for Image Vectorization

Simply use Inkscape to draw your image from scratch. This is the easiest way. When the image is saved as SVG, it is considered a “vector graphic”. You can convert it to PNG if you like. Just save it as a PNG and that’s it.

Hiring a company to create your vector image

There are some print industries that offer bulk vectorization services that you can use as well. I have done this on large projects and their prices are good. Go ahead and search for a few services. Also, note the turnaround time.

Outsourcing a graphic designer to convert image into vector

There are many programs that you can use to convert an image into a vector. In fact, you don’t have to do any tracing or anything like that. In the past, we had to rely on our tracing skills. Not everyone could do this and so most people would outsource this job to graphic designers. Most of the graphic designers would charge big bucks just for one small design trace. For a complicated design, expect to pay more for this job.

Below we will list some software so this way you don’t have to learn how to vectorize an image.

Vector drawing software

There are tons of online software you can use to vectorize images. You don’t even have to download the software because it’s available online! How convenient is that?

Vector Magic

I absolutely love this online program. You can convert bitmap images into clean vector art within 5-10 seconds! Say goodbye to having to trace difficult designs. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for each image to be vectorized. If you have tons of images, you can have unlimited vector conversions for only $7.95 a month.

Auto Tracer

If you need a free program instead of learning how to vectorize an image, use Auto Tracer. It is similar to Vector Magic but I have noticed with complicated designs, it doesn’t work as well as Vector Magic. Of course, it still does a decent job for being a free program.


If you have never used this website for vector images, it is very easy to use. Just take your PNG/Jpeg image and convert it to EPS or PDF just by uploading the image. It’s very fast and convenient.

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