How to Wash a Dry Clean Only Cloth at Home?

That favourite piece of cloth you gifted yourself last week, requires washing, because you accidently dropped a red wine on it. Your favourite shirt you wore for a party yesterday has stains of the food you dropped while letting yourself loose on the dance floor. When you got home and were about to put these in the laundry bag with rest of your clothes, accidently, they got washed in the machine and with lot of hard water, leaving them faded. And you can never wear them again now!

Then we have our other set of readers whodry cleaners in Las Vegas do not wish to give their clothes to a stranger for wash, simply because of the fear of the clothes being damaged. Because, the last time they gave it for cleaning, the vendor tore the clothes and smartly, folded them in a manner you couldn’t spot them at the time of delivery.

In both the cases, you were at a loss. In the first instance, you didn’t know when you have to send your clothes to Chatsworth dry cleaners for dry cleaning and in the other incident, you thought it would have been better if your mother gave you her secret lessons of dry cleaning at home.

We are your friends too. We bring to you a DO IT YOURSELF guide to dry clean clothes in the house, all by yourself, without spoiling them. This is applicable only if the stain is fresh and relatively small.

So things you will need are:

  1. A bucket or a tub in which you can soak the clothes
  2. Mild detergent and soap bubbles. Bear in mind, that the detergent has to be very mild and the soap too.
  3. Cold water because hot water can damage your clothes as it is harsh on some cloth fibres.
  4. Dry cotton towel
  5. Lots of patience and working with the hand

Let’s get you started:

First things first, we know it’s your favourite shirt and her most loved dress. So we going to be gentle on them and going to keep them away from scrubbers or hard detergents. Secondly, we won’t use any short cuts here to get work done faster. Like we said, you need patience to dry clean, since we are all beginners.

  1. Garments made of leather, fur, etc. should be sent to an expert, and you cannot experiment washing them in the house. Because when we say dry cleaning, we do not meaning just using a dryer, it is actual cleaning, but with gentle soaps and detergents. If it says cotton, wool, they are where you can do this trick.
  2. Fill your bucket with cold water, remember what we said, no hot or mild water, that could damage your clothes.
  3. Add some hand washing soap along with the mild detergent on the stained areas.
  4. Rub this portion gently with your fingers. You will see the stain slowly fade out.
  5. Now, mix some soap and detergent in the bucket you filled with cold water.
  6. Gently soak the clothes and pull them out. Keep repeating this step twice-thrice until you see the cloth is completely washed.
  7. Now, once again, gently rub the stain with your fingers in circular motions to make sure it has gone completely.
  8. Rinse your clothes and empty the bucket i.e. throw away the soapy water and fill it up with fresh cold water.
  9. Soak the clothes and pull them out, like you did earlier until all the soap has been washed out.
  10. Use a towel to dry the clothes before you lay them in the air for complete drying.