How To Wash Clothes By Hand

How To Wash Clothes by Hand
Learning How To Wash Clothes by Hand

Tired of washing by machine and want to lower your impact on the environment? If you are wondering how to wash clothes by hand, washing and cleaning clothes itself can be quite daunting and tiring task, but once done it gives a feeling of relaxation. Washing clothes by hand can be considered a little extra work, but it is quite worth as compared to the laundry cleaning chore. As a result, in order to guide you, below is presented a definitive guide for washing clothes by hand and give extra life to the clothes that are in your closet.

Why it’s beneficial to learn how to wash clothes by hand

The majority of the washing machines offers the clothes with delicate or hand-wash settings, but at certain times, the best results come from the hand-washing of certain types of clothing. Before proceeding further for cleaning the clothes, one has to check the garment’s care label. If the label says “dry-clean only” then avoid washing clothes at home.

Other than that, if the label says “dry-clean”, then you may prefer hand-washing of clothes. Also, before washing the clothes, make sure the clothes does not discolor too fast. The clothing items, especially the delicates like the wool sweaters, lingerie or silk blouses usually retains its shape and color the best possible way when they are being hand-washed. So, you must be wondering how wash clothes by hand, right? Below are listed some of the necessary steps that can help you in washing clothes by hand.

Steps to wash clothing by hand:

  • Read the garment label that you are going to hand wash. The labels specify some of the definite recommendations for that cloth. Next is to choose the appropriate detergent for your clothes. If there is no care label, you can opt to choose mild detergent or even the dish washing liquid.
  • Fill up a small tub or a sink with the water at the definite temperature that is being recommended on the care label. If, in case, there is no care label then you can choose a cool to the lukewarm water. You can add one teaspoon of detergent or you may even need more detergent if you are opting to hand-wash any large item or multiple items in a row.
  • The next thing to do is to submerge the garment in a soapy water and then soak it for a specific period of time. Generally, it is recommended 10 minutes soaking of clothes in a bucket. You can even apply gentle movements for swishing the items through the sudsy water. It is recommended not to scrub or twist the clothes that can stretch or damage the fabrics.
  • After above step, drain out the water of the tub or the sink and refill it with a cool water for rinsing. Just push the garment up and down in water until the soap is removed from the clothes. If you have a doubt that the soap is removed from the garment or not, you can just sniff the garments and ensure that they are no longer scented. Repeat the process several times with the clean water if necessary.

After washing the clothes, it comes to drying of clothes. So below are some of the steps in learning how to wash clothes by hand and dry hand-washed clothing.

  • Squeeze the excess water from the garment without much twisting or wringing. This may stretch the fibres ultimately ruining the fabrics.
  • The next step is to lay down a clean dry white bath towel that is being laundered a number of times for removing the lint. One can roll up the towel while encasing the garment in the towel. This can be repeated several times till the lint is completely removed.
  • One can even follow the garment’s label directions for drying and reshaping the clothes. If there is no care label, then dry the clothes by laying it on the while towel spread over any flat surface.

Thus, these were some of the best steps that can make your hand-wash laundry cleaning an easier process.