How to Wash Hardwood Floors with Vinegar

All hardwood floors should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and grit from between the floor boards. In order to maintain the door opening, place doormats or rag at the entry points of the house and ask your visitors to remove their shoes. I think they will don’t mind since that is your house. It must be a no no for people to walk around the house with high heels and soccer cleats as these footwear can create deformities on the floors

This is how to make your own simple and wood flooring cleaner and you might get surprise on what we will be using. The material that we are using is not basic or neutral, but slightly acidic. I think this should be a given since we are trying to take the germs and bacteria out of their comfort zone. This substance have gone through a process of fermentation wherein its byproduct is a bid sour in scent and taste. Need another clue? This material came from sugar cane or starches.

Maybe by this time you are already aware of this household and kitchen food ingredient and not to surprise, cleansing. This is our plain and simple vinegar. As used on cooking, vinegar is completely edible, and not harmful to your digestive system. So why shell out a lot of money for a commercial cleaner that’s bad for you and your family when you can whip up your own with ingredients you already have?

For homemade cleanser, here’s what you need to prepare. First, you need to mix equal portions of w vinegar (preferably the cane vinegar), isopropyl or ethyl alcohol and tap water. After mixing the aqueous solution, evenly add half teaspoon of liquid detergent soap.

This homemade cleaning agent can be placed on the vapor slot on your steam mop. You should keep in mind on using this. You need to make sure that you got the right temperature on cleaning. It should be higher than 100 digress Fahrenheit. Also do not mix up with other chemicals as it may have an effect on the leave on scent, the actual equipment or stain on your floor. Just go natural, use vinegar.

The mixture can be use on either spraying on a bottle or can be use with a pale container. Of course, you’ll have to dump out what’s left in the bucket after use. Depending on how big your household, there can be chances that there are left overs. So what if you done using the cleaner on your steam mop and have not consumed everything. We need to be economical with this resource. For leftovers, you need to ensure that we keep it in a cool, dry and dark storage area so the effectivity will be there for a long period of time. It is preferable that when you use it the next time, you should add portions of the mixture so we can revitalize the effect of the home made cleanser.