How to Wash Makeup Brushes

When it comes to making sure that the cosmetic products that you put on your skin look their best, one of the most important thing that you need to know is how to wash makeup brushes. Yes, that is the secret to the success of many for looking like a million dollars. Without this knowledge, you could be blending colors together on your face that you never intended to.

Every time you use your beauty tools, you get product down in between the bristles that will still be there the next time that you use them. That is unless you clean them properly.

How to Wash Makeup Brushes Option One

Step One

There are two thing that you need to know about how to wash makeup brushes. The first is that you can do a quick clean after every use. This will get them ready for a quick turn around. For this method, you want to spray your cleaner directly on the bristles.

Step Two

Brush the bristle of a piece of tissue paper until all of the color comes out of it. You may need to spray the bristles a couple of times in order to make sure that you are completely rid of all product.

Option Two

Step One

Once a week, you will want to do a more thorough cleansing of your tools. You can get a good soap and lather up your bristles. This is very much like washing your hair. Lather, rinse, and repeat as necessary.

Step Two

Rinse completely and allow to dry laying flat. If you do not have them laying flat, the shape of your makeup brushes could be damaged.

If you do both of these method for how to wash makeup brushes, you are sure to have great results any time that you apply any color to your skin. You will not have to worry about other colors getting mixed in.

You will also not have to worry about bacteria growing on the bristles when you do these on a regular basis. Not taking care of your tools can also lead to breakouts on your face. So get your self some cleaner and start looking better today!