How To Wear Perfume

Wearing perfume can do two things – it can attract other people to the wearer or it can be a turn off. Sometimes, it’s not really the perfume that matters but how a person wears it. Perfumes have been used over the centuries to inspire, delight, seduce, and arouse people’s sense of smell and thereby other desires of the human body.

As of late, pheromones or attraction hormones as they call it, are the latest trend in perfume scent collections. You can find out more about it at A very basic thing to understand about the use of perfume is that all scents are not good for all people. Every person has a unique scent and your body chemistry will react differently to different perfumes. Some may smell great on others but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will smell great on you too. You need to try it and see if it works for you. Some scents are floral, some are woody, some are blended and so forth person needs to take time to explore what scents are best with their body chemistry and with the desired effect of the perfume. You should take the time to smell all types in the bottles and find scents that are pleasing to you.

Once you have chosen a perfume that is perfect for you, you need to know how to apply perfume properly:

• The best time to apply perfume is after you have taken a bath or showered. You skin is at its cleanest making it absorbent to perfume fragrance.

• Do not to overdo spraying on perfume. The goal is to make you smell nice – but not too much! A little can go a long way — place a little on your fingertips and gently apply it to your pulse areas. Those can be found on your wrists, neckline, chest, behind the earlobes, elbow area, and behind your inner thighs and knees. Those areas are all perfect since it’s where your blood runs close to the surface of the skin, allowing the scent to be diffused quickly.

• Another technique – apply your perfume from the bottom up! Scent rises with heat and your perfume scent will last longer.

Dry skin isn’t able to retain scents as long as those with oily skin. This is because the perfume oils join with the natural oils in the skin and slow down the evaporation process. If you have dry skin, then consider applying your perfume a couple of times per day or perhaps invest in a good moisturizer that you can apply before the perfume.