How to Write 100 Articles for Passive Income

If you want help on how to write 100 articles for passive income online here are a few quick tips. Many online writers begin their journey just to see if they can write at all, but soon after writing a few articles it seems that almost every author begins to set a goal of writing 100 articles. Many believe this threshold is an important step in finally having enough content to earn passive income on a more consistent basis. Whatever your reason, here are some tips to get you there.

Write About What You Know

This can be fun or it can feel like work. If you want it to be fun and you want your writing to go quickly, write about what you know. Don’t worry at first how commercial it is. Just start writing. If you love to cook, write about a unique and helpful technique in the kitchen. If you love the outdoors, tell people about a great National Park and why they should go or what is essential when tent camping. Start with what you know and the words will roll off your fingers.

Write About What You Like

You may not know about everything you enjoy, but if you enjoy it you will do a good job writing about it. For example, if you are fascinated by astronomy, chances are you will write well about it once you learn. Take the opportunity to study something you have always wanted to know and then restate it in your own way to others as as article. You get to read about what you like, learn more about it, and you end up with an article at the same time.

Write About What You See

As you go through your day you will see things. An car in the ditch in winter could lead you to an article about what to carry in the car in winter for safety. A long line at a drive through at lunch may give you the idea to write about healthy lunches you can bring to work to avoide the long lines. Watching a customer labor over a choice at a department store may turn into an article on how to pick the best towels, coffee pot, or running shoes.

Write About What You Wonder

As you go through your day you will wonder things. Why do I have to do this? How shoul I make this decision? Do I really need this? Which one is better? These are all article topics that will help others. If you write about what you learned it will soon be searched by someone hoping to learn the same. For example, if you just replaced your brake pads you probably wondered how you could have known that they were worn. Hey, there’s an article.

Helpful Tips

Now that you have ideas you can capture here are some additional tips. Keep paper with you or use a smart phone note application to jot these things down as they happen throughout the day. You will then have a huge list of ideas that will help you avoid writers block. Once you have an idea and sit down to write, use a keyword tool to find good keywords that people actually search for and use them in your title and text. That will help them find your information. If you are writing about a product link to the product that you recommend to make it easy for the reader to follow your advice. Write professionally and check your work before submitting. If you do this and stay on the lookout for writing topics throughout the day, you will easily be able to write 100 articles for passive income before you know it.

If you have never tried writing online for passive income give it a try. Seekyt is a fantastic place to start, and you will enjoy the simple interface and helpful community here as you start your journey. Be my guest and join Seekyt now. Don’t forget, keep on the lookout for those writing ideas!