How to Write a Letter of Need for Money

If you are wondering how to write a letter of need for money, you will have several options. Whether you are trying to raise funds for charity or for your own personal use, the basic outline will remain the same for both. While samples and examples can be altered to suit your need, it may be best to just start from scratch and come up with your own request for help. In this article, we’ll go over the ways to make your letter of need the best possible, so you can raise money for yourself or your organization.

Contact Info

This is the boring part. You need to make sure you properly address the letter, spelling names and addresses correctly. The contact info should include your information and the contact information of the people you are asking for money. You need to make sure this is done correctly or you will not have much luck raising capital.

Brief Intro

It’s time to toot your own horn, or the organization’s horn a bit. Why do you need to raise money for yourself or your group? What do you do? What are the funds being raised for? What do you do with the funds? All of these topics should be addressed in a brief form.

The Main Body

This is where you dive in and fully explain your cause or organization. You explain how much you’ve given in the past, what your goals are, and make a convincing argument for the donor to give to your group. It’s not a sales pitch, but it’s close.

Call to Action

What exactly are you looking for? It’s okay to suggest various amounts that can be given to your group or beneficiary. This is perhaps the most important part of any letter of need for money donations. If you don’t include the call to action, you can expect no action to be taken by the potential donator. In addition, it’s a good idea to subtly suggest they mail or send the funds in immediately. Creating a sense of urgency is okay. It’s also okay to attempt to make the potential donor feel connected to those they are helping. “Billy will not survive without donations from people like you.” Don’t be over the top, but don’t sell your cause short or you won’t raise the money you need when you write the letter soliciting donations for charity or personal use.

The Sign Off

This is important. You want to thank the reader for their time and potential donation. You want to put their mind at ease. Make sure they know you are there if they have any questions or concerns. When you close the correspondence, try to use something professional and personal.

When you put this all together, you’ll know how to write a letter of need for money.