How to write a page 'About Me' outstanding

In this issue you will find clear and efficient tools to write an ‘About Me’ excellent, seems contradictory, but despite that bloggers we spent the whole day talking about ourselves, maybe coincidas me the ‘About Me’ is one of the most difficult to write and assemble.

A good page that shows our abilities, extremely compacted kind of summary, more contact is essential to expand our offerings, job opportunities and community of readers, the tab of the page should be in a visible place at the top top of your blog, that is the first place where the advertisers, and readers marqueters often seek to learn more about you.

The following tools to write an ‘About Me’ outstanding:

1. The first thing to decide is if we write in first or third person, I have read many blogs that rather than present themselves as if they do submit another person, it depends on the style, writing style and purpose of your blog, Most bloggers write in the first person.

If the content and stories on your blog are told in the first person, have your point of view, then definitely your ‘About Me’ should be written in the same way, not only that but you should take advantage of the medium to highlight your voice, your style, show your writing skills and make her look through your resume, be yourself do not try to suddenly sound like a press release or write differently in your entries.

2. Organize items we include in our website, but not all bloggers use them, these are the components to verify and expand in more detail below:

Purpose of the Blog,
More details on your blog,
Call to Action and Contact.

Biography: Be yourself and write about who you are, be creative, including where you live, where you come from, that’s what makes you special, while not desvar√≠es be concise and to the point and go concentrate on counting in a few words the best of you! Remember to include details that may become interested in companies that are interested in working with you and your readers, if you have children, how many you have, their ages, if you have education, occupation, how long have you been in the network. Remember to include in this section in which geographical region you are.

Important: To make this even more attractive first part adds a photo, you and / or yours with your family.

Purpose of blog: This section should exploit to sell your blog and your services, including a short summary that quickly and efficiently list your services or products, even here we must include a paragraph which is the goal of the blog, because you write as public targets and can find your readers to visit.

More details of the Blog: This is where we can expand the discourse and tell more about our experience, our blog, our public, etc.. Extensive statement and we can talk about the kind of literature we do and why they are of interest (cooking, recipes, savings, photography, lifestyle, crafts, etc, etc etc) Here we can add links to our most-read entries, add photos is convenient to use short paragraphs and keep the reader’s interest.

Summary: Here tell briefly about our services, achievements and awards and who are in social networks. We include some of our previous work, participation in campaigns, presentations at conferences, etc. This way if any company, brand or company is reading you can get an idea about what you can expect from us. We can also talk about our professional life that will interest readers also learn a little more about it.

Call to action and contact details: This is where you tell our readers, followers and visitors where they can find more of our publications leaving contact details, links to our pages on social networking sites, link to our subscription by mail, e electronic contact, etc.

By publishing we must ensure that the ‘About Me’ is available and is in an accessible location, an extra tip can consider and that usually gives excellent s results is to add a video on your des welcome your blog and explain a bit about your blog.

Finally, if we have our ‘About Me’ recall is good update from time to time, update such as age of children, photography, achieved objectives, achievements and correct or fix any other details you want.