How To Write An Article For Publication Online

It is not rocket science to write articles for online publication. A basic grasp of and the ability to think, write, and speak in any language is fine. Ideally the language will be one spoken by many affluent individuals online. That is, hopefully, one is not only able to speak and write in one language spoken by just thousands of humans instead of millions or billions.

If one is able to read what is being read here, then there is a good chance that the first criteria is met. Then, one must decide what to write about. There is an infinite amount of different ideas, topics, and niches to write about. Ideally whatever one writes about, one should know something about the topic, and hopefully enjoy writing about it and sharing it with others. The basic structure of an article is paragraphs, words, and sentences. Words are combined to form sentences, and sentences are combined to form paragraphs. A basic article can be made up of about 5 paragraphs that each contain about five sentences.

So the basic steps are as follows.

  1. Know a language (be able to speak, read, and write in it).
  2. Pick a topic or idea to write about.
  3. Put thoughts and ideas about that topic into written form (it is often useful to have a thesis and then to back up that thesis with supporting evidence or detail).
  4. Publish it somewhere.
  5. Write something else, perhaps. Repeat the previous steps.

Anyone with who has recieved a fairly basic education should likely be able to write an article, it seems. There are many ways to share articles. It is good for one to be rewarded for their writings. There are locations online where one can submit an article and potentially recieve some revenue from publishing it. One can purchase a domain name and hosting from a hosting provider. There are many options. Hopefully, by reading this, one may have a better idea about how to write and publish an article online.