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If you are a non-RCI member like me, you will find that is openly welcoming to visitors! You’ll immediately see the RCI guy ready to tend to your every whelm and guide you throughout the site!

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This visitors’ hub is fabulous as it has a tv channel for: An Inside Look, What You Need to Know, Ask the RCI Guy, Resort Showcase, All Inclusive Resorts, Destination Reviews, and more!

Parents and Disney lovers, you have a entire segment devoted to resorts nearby under the Resort Showcase channel. This is stupendous!

As a child growing up in my parents’ home I had the privilege of traveling extensively. My parents owned with RCI ( was not established back then). I remember living in fine resorts throughout the US even Canada.

The actual resort that my parents own, at that time, was not as elaborate as some properties. That’s the wonderment of RCI in that my parents could exchange their ‘red week’ which was during the summer months to be able to visit other resorts that were more exquisite!

I found that living in RCI Timeshares there was more space than in hotels. Many of them had at least 3 bedrooms. It felt like a home away from home! We even took family or friends along which made the resort life all the more enjoyable!

The amenities were wonderful from miniature golf and indoor pools to skiing (never skied during the summer months), jacuzzis and daily activities for children.

While I have no problem with hotels at all, I can say that I much more enjoyed spending vacations at a resort as opposed to a hotel. At you can find thousands of resorts listed!

To be able to experience the condominium resorts as I did be sure to visit

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How Useful is, Seekyt
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