How Using Deck Rail Planter Boxes Can Dress Up a Boring Space

If like me you are trying to create the perfect oasis for you to enjoy outdoors this season, then doing something with your railing is one great way. You can hang plants off of it or place potted plants in the corners of your deck, but in my opinion, one of the best ways is to use deck rail planter boxes.

These planters are designed to fit over most flat wood railing tops. I moved into an older house last year, and the deck although older bulky style was built to last decades, so I didn’t want to take it down, so figured we would work with it. I started off by using typical potted plants in the corners of the deck, but this took up way to much room for my liking.

Every time we had guests over, someone would knock them over, so figured why not simply dress up the top flat piece of the railing? But I didn’t want to simply just sit pots there as I knew they would end up on the ground too.

Deck Rail Planter Boxes

As you can see by the picture these boxes are a little different, they actually have a cut out that will hug the railing. Mine have stayed out all year round and have not even tried to fall off. They have lived through high winds and thunderstorms without moving at all.

I first saw them in the hardware store, but they became very popular and quite often a better price online.

Fits Two Sizes of Railings

I had a 6 inch railing top and was afraid I would not find a deck rail planter box to work for my space, but I did! These railing boxes adjust to two sizes of railings, great for a 2 x 4 inch top and a 2 x 6 inch top. The smaller rail will fit in higher and the larger one the lower section.

This is the perfect way to add some flowers and really dress up your space. They feel like window boxes for your railings, and they don’t hurt anything or fall off. One of mine was even elbowed by accident by a relative and it didn’t move, so no worries about them falling over especially if you have a higher deck.

I am going to order more this year. Last year I spaced them out around the railing, but after seeing how great they look, I decided that I will get a few more and literally butt them up to each other so that the boring 6 inch piece of top rail is hidden and all you will see is beautiful flowers, it will actually define your space and make it feel like a secluded oasis to relax and de-stress.

You could go for a colour theme or simply place a sheet of wild flowers in good soil in the deck rail planter boxes and then water and be surprised with the resulting wild flowers. Those wildflower sheets are great for these boxes.