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How VIPRE Internet Security 2015 is Different From VIPRE Antivirus 2015?

Since Internet threats are evolving rapidly, security solution providers are focusing on using latest technologies to combat against emerging stubborn infections. The ever-growing cyber crimes and Internet security issues need your attention to avoid major frauds and virtual attacks.

Sometimes, you may get annoyed with the poor PC performance, sudden system crashes, and uncertain PC slowdowns. Stubborn infections could be one of the possible causes of the same. These infections hide themselves in your system and damage its components. VIPRE Internet Security 2015 and VIPRE Antivirus 2015 are the two popular threat detection and removal programs that can offer immense PC security and online security, respectively. The Internet Security 2015 holds expertise in scanning, detecting, blocking, and removing Internet threats. On the contrary, the VIPRE Antivirus 2015 is proficient in detecting, blocking, and removing computer threats. You can easily download VIPRE Antivirus 2015 if you just wish to secure your PC. But PC experts recommend Internet Security 2015 for users who use web frequently.

Read below to know how VIPRE’s Internet security program differs from its main antivirus solution:
Some Common Features of VIPRE’s Internet Security 2015 and Antivirus 2015

1. Simple User Interface (UI)

Both the security programs feature an easy-to-use and navigate user interface (UI). The company has redesigned VIPRE user interface to assist users while managing the entire security related functions with ease. You can easily find the common and most useful buttons right on the Home screen of the program. You can easily click the ‘Scan’ button to run or schedule scans and select the ‘Update Definitions’ button for current definition updates. Additionally, the tool also allows users to customize how patches will get applied to ensure maximum device and user security.

2. Social Watch

Since a lot of threats and malware infections are entering into devices using social media platforms, both the programs arrange a scan to expose malicious content. The Social Watch feature scans your Facebook page and other social network profiles for bad links and computer viruses. Additionally, it also runs a few background scans to ensure that malware, virus, Trojans, and other online threats cannot find a way to your system.

3. Search Guard

Malicious websites, adware, pop-ups, and suspicious windows may contain stubborn infections and it is not easy to get rid of them. Both the security suites have Search Guard feature to ensure that you browse the web safely. The tools identify the infected or malicious links and restrict them from installing viruses, Trojans or other online threats on your device.

How Internet Security 2015 Offers Enhanced Online Protection?

Undoubtedly, both the security solutions by VIPRE ensure optimal user and device security, but the Internet safety solution holds proficiency in blocking online threats. If you download Antivirus 2015, it will only safeguard your computing operations and covers a bit of online safety regions. But the Internet Security 2015 holds specialization in monitoring, detecting, blocking, and removing stubborn virtual threats that can hamper your online safety and privacy.

Following are the five best online protection features of the VIPRE Internet Security 2015:

1. Auto Patch

Online safety solutions offer a high line of defense against common infections and vulnerable software. The tool analyzes the outdated programs and updates them automatically to prevent almost all types of Internet security issues.

2. Two-Way Firewall

The online security firewall works similarly like the Windows Firewall feature and helps in protecting your devices as well as accounts against leading malware threats. The firewall monitors, finds, and blocks incoming and outgoing Internet traffic to avoid major security breaches. Additionally, users can also customize some advanced settings to avail enhances protection against existing and emerging threats.

3. Spam Filter

Spam emails may contain executable files and malicious links that can harm your system to an irreparable extent. VIPRE’s Spam Filter feature sieves the unwanted emails from your inbox and offers optimal protection against spam messages, phishing schemes, and malicious URLs.

4. Bad Website Blocker

The Bad Website Blocker feature of the Internet Security 2015 Edition ensures that it blocks access to malicious websites, preventing you from accidentally clicking on malicious links. Additionally, the technology also restricts a user from accessing websites containing computer security threats and thus prevents you from involuntarily browsing to them.

5. Email Virus Protection

Your email applications may store hundreds of valuable emails and data files that you never wish to get compromised. The VIPRE’s Email Virus Protection feature safeguards the device against email viruses and computer threats related to Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail. Additionally, the tool also secures all the email clients using POP3 and SMTP e-mail server types to ensure complete safety of your Internet communications.

Final Verdict

All in all, VIPRE Internet Security 2015 is an absolute solution for all the emerging and existing Internet threats. The tool can handle all the Internet safety issues without slowing down your computer’s speed and performance. If you don’t use the web too frequently, then install VIPRE Antivirus 2015 to keep PC threats at bay. You can contact VIPRE support anytime to resolve issues and tech problems associated with the company’s internet and PC security solutions.

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