How Webcast Software Has Revolutionized the Meeting Planner Profession

Professional meeting planners know that a meeting that is on schedule and runs smoothly is a top priority. However, it is important to balance how the meeting runs with several other demands as businesses become more global, presentations become more technical and more presenters need access to meeting technology. To fulfill these requirements, meeting planners can transition their businesses to more sophisticated webcast meeting software products.

Seamless Meetings

Putting all of the effort into meeting coordination is only worthwhile if the meeting begins on time and runs seamlessly. Conference call issues and inconsistent video conferencing equipment from different audience participants can derail the most carefully coordinated presentation. That is why many meeting planners are turning to browser-based webcasting technology.

Using a single URL to launch, sign in and access features means any device that can access a standard internet browser can easily access a presentation. Video conference equipment, laptops, tablets and even smartphones can access the presentation URL and attend the meeting. The need to download a plug-in, install equipment or coordinate overbooked conference room spaces are no longer obstacles to seamless meetings.

The top webcast meeting software products also provide automated publishing. Participants who missed the meeting or want to view it again can access the presentation immediately through their browser.

Reaching a Global Audience

Freedom from plug-ins and equipment installations also makes it possible for meeting planners to manage audiences in any time zone. Flexibility is another important component in reaching large audiences. Meeting software products that are flexible and scalable allow presentations to take place without extra planning for a large number of participants.

Browser-based technologies have the flexibility to facilitate a meeting between two small conference rooms or a presentation to thousands of viewers across the globe without making special accommodations.

Technology for Interactive Webcast Meetings

Webcast meeting software can now help meeting planners add professional touches to presentations and track business goals. Top software products not only enable presentations, but also interaction with participants such as real-time Q&A periods, surveys and use of social media.

Meeting planners can find a product that monitors audience attendance and has reporting capabilities. Reports can be easily exported to Excel to track metrics over periods of time.

Making Professional Presentations Simple

Professional meeting planners are tasked with giving their associates the tools to create a polished broadcast. Meeting software has evolved to make business presentation technology user friendly even with the most current powerful features. The top webcast products not only allow broadcasting through a browser, but allow users to access all tools from the browser as well.

Meeting planners do not need to coordinate software installations or updates or give associates access to tools. The all-in-one products available make tools for editing easily accessible. Planners or presenters can quickly edit a completed broadcast for another series of meetings. Branded registration landing pages, emails and presentation views are already handled by the webcast software.

Finding Helpful Meeting Software

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