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How Will You Prevent Your Child Accessing Web on Your Mac?

There was a time when television was termed as idiot box because of this damaging impact on the viewers, especially the kids and teens. In that regards, Internet is more damaging than television. Despite the very important role played by the Internet in our day to day life, it is important to set its limitation. If left unchecked then children can very conveniently use the Internet to reach out content that they shouldn’t be reading, watching or viewing at their age.

Statistics reveal that 88% of parents know that their kids are using the Internet to communicate with strangers. The prime concern of 61% of parents is that their kids might end up sharing personal information online to wrong people. Moreover, 60% of adults admit that parents should have full control over what their child does. Considering the tender age of the kids and their incapability to judge between right and wrong and the negative sides of the Internet, should parents completely stop kids from accessing the web? The answer is of course – NO. Kids need to browse for their projects, studies, entertainment, gaming, etc. Internet is the reality of the present day and no kid can grow up sans it.

Then how to keep things under check? Fortunately, there are built-in parental controls in Apple devices, through which parents can control how their kids are accessing, for how long they are online and their other browsing habits.

If you have a Mac system, then read below to learn how you can use its in-built parental control features to check and monitor the web accessing habit of your kids and teens.

How to Turn on Parental Internet Controls on Macs

Keep your main network administrator password ready
Go to the Apple icon at the top left
Click on ‘System Preferences’
Go to System ‘Parental Controls’
Choose from the following options
Create a new user account with Parental Controls
Convert this account to a parental controls account

Whichever you choose, you will be asked to create a username and password. Without this one can’t log into the Mac PC. Thus you will always know when your kid is logging into the system.

Start setting limits on Mac

Apps: The apps of the App Store are categorized into the following categories: 4+, 9+, 12+, 17+. Depending on the age of your kid you can set which category of apps your kid can download from app store. You can even prevent your kids from downloading any of the apps.
Websites: Here, parents can build up a list of approved and unapproved sites, which they think their kids can access or shouldn’t access.

Mac offers you three options:

Allow unrestricted access to websites
Try to limit access to adult websites automatically
Allow access to only these websites
If you have under-18 users, then there is no question of keeping the first option on. Parents usually choose to keep the second option on so that kids can’t access the adult and other objectionable websites. Under the third option, you can choose the websites which you think should be the only accessible ones.

However, if you have found that under option 2, Apple has restricted some important website that you want to keep accessible then click ‘Add Website.’ Similarly, if you think that certain websites should be restricted but Apple has left it open then click on ‘Customize’ and ad the URL of that site.

People: Under this parent control feature, you can create an ‘Allowed Contacts list.’ Your kids will be able to send emails or chat with the contacts in that list only. However, this feature works only with Apple’s own Mail and iChat services.
Time Limits: Here, the parent can decide for how long time their kids can stay online. Using the sliders, they can specify the time limit for weekdays and weekends. The time limit ranges from half an hour to eight hours. With Bedtime feature, you can prevent children from accessing the web late at night.

Parental control is a great ‘System presences’ that makes your Mac a safer space for your children. It enables you to prevent your young computer users from accidentally conversing with strangers or visiting the wrong website.

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