How WordPress Made My Life Easier

WordPress is definitely the perfect example of what will arise after you take a common piece of software and wrap it with the talents of fantastic web developers. What begun a long time ago as a simple blog designer has turned into one of the most versatile scripts on the market. This solution tends to make my entire life so much less complicated because it mixes all of the structure and functionality I need in one package.

With the use of premium WordPress themes and many great plug ins, I’ve got a website, an ecommerce site and a special ?nternet site that I use to work together along with my colleagues at the job. The templates are easy to customize and simple to use. At first I wanted several very professional themes and I simply needed to customize the company logo. As time went by I added a second WordPress internet site to use for my e-commerce.

By using many plug ins which often needed virtually zero work to configure, I needed precisely the web pages I needed. These types of combined perfectly with my social networking sites. Doing this while i produced a modification I really could easily share it with my friends and members. Every single plugin worked with the designs I chosen well. There was no need to tinker with the pages to make things look right.

I’d several web pages up and running within just one day. I use a SEO plugin making sure that if I create new written content I do not have to look for the web page wide Meta tags and revise them. Down the road that year I was required to push everything to a different server and this needed virtually no time at all to complete. Prior to now I have run across matters moving web pages to other servers and then chasing the problems, this was not a problem at all with the help of this outstanding content managment system.

I equally appreciate the integrated and prepared extensions. Without having to manage an outside traffic report script, all I had to do was log into the back end and there were my stats. The actual graphing was fantastic and the program had my IP address taken away to ensure that I didn’t pick up unrealistic positives on visitors flow. There were a number of minor scripts which were possibly not covered by available plugins and all I had to do was place the value once in the sidebar and let it do its work. There had been no need to attempt to put in a piece of software in just about every page and hope I didn’t miss a particular.

In the long run, the cms mixed with a handful of plugins, one of the best WordPress themes available, along with a minimal creativity grew to become everything that I had looked for. Premium templates for WordPress managed all the work I could have imagined.