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How You Can Afford to Eat At the Very Most Expensive Restaurants

You will be surprised to know that almost anyone can afford to eat at otherwise expensive restaurants if they use the methods I have described here.

Many of us have dreams of eating out at the finest restaurants and sampling the very best food, but unfortunately many of us are under the impression that this is simply impossible and that we won’t ever be able to afford that kind of dining. Of course this fine dining comes at a premium price, and as eating out is very much a luxury that’s not something that many of us can justify doing. At least not on a regular basis.

How You Can Afford to Eat At the Very Most Expensive Restaurants

However despite this, there often are ways that we can afford to eat out at the more expensive venues and enjoy a romantic evening if we only think creatively about how to keep things affordable. Here we will look at how you can afford to eat out even at the most expensive places so that the finest food is available to all.

One Course

First of all, you can make a gigantic saving on any meal by simply eating only the one course. If you are going for the experience, the atmosphere and the general sense of awe, then as long as it’s not a set menu you can go in and order just one thing in order to be able to say you dined there. And of course if you really want to save money then there’s no reason not to just order the cheapest item on the menu as well.

If you don’t fancy having just the one course then there are other ways you can make things cheaper – for instance by sharing a desert, or by just getting coffees afterward. This way you can draw out the experience and make it feel a little less like being a cheapskate, but at the same time you still won’t be spending much.

Coupons and Deals

It’s not just the big chains these days that offer discounts via coupons and offers, and if you keep your eyes peeled often you can find cheaper meals at even the most expensive venues. This doesn’t affect the quality of the food, just the price – in fact you might even find that the taste is all the sweeter because you’re paying less for it. Combine a voucher with just ordering one course and suddenly this has become very cheap indeed.

Going During the Day

Another way you can save money when eating at the more expensive venues is to just think about when it is that you want to go. Hit the restaurant when it’s cheap during the day and you can yet again sample the atmosphere without having to spend as huge an amount. Alternatively if it’s not cheaper during the day, you can often get cheaper rates in the early hours of the evening.

On Dining at Expensive Venues

So there really is no financial reason you shouldn’t eat at the finest restaurants – but some people might still find that they feel nervous at the idea of eating at expensive venues which may just be because they feel out of place, or don’t have the clothes.

First of all – don’t feel out of place. At the end of the day, you are paying these people and they are getting business from you, so they’re glad you’re there – even if you don’t order any drinks. At the same time, the waiters are probably just as nervous of you as you are of them, and most of them are probably just working here part time. There really is no reason to feel awkward.

And if you don’t feel you’re appropriately dressed for the occasion, then why not swing by a charity shop to get a suit or dress very cheaply? If you then get these taken in at the dry cleaners you’ll find they look just as good as a far more expensive piece of clothing.

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