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HP Envy X2 Reviewed – A Fascinating Hybrid Tablet/Notebook

HP Envy x2, a hybrid notebook/tablet, comes on the market slightly later than the first wave of Windows 8 devices, but it does now pointing upwards. Like its main rival Asus Vivo Tab and Samsung Ativ Smart PC, HP Envy x2 is a tablet with multi-touch screen 11.6 “IPS type of 1366 × 768 pixel resolution, Windows 8 operating system and detachable base that offers a keyboard physical and expanded connectivity.

The heart of the system is a common Intel Clover Trail which is a step behind the competition, but it is here that the Envy x2 intends to play his cards. As we shall see, are in fact other areas where HP has moved to make the Envy x2 (almost) an object of desire.

Excellent Design and Construction

The HP Envy x2 stands out from the crown and so party justifies its high price with a painstaking design from every point of view, which immediately puts it in the spotlight; its finish is entirely made from brushed aluminium, a clear step ahead of its competitors which have their chassis made from a mix of metal and plastic. HP really took care of every detail, including the power buttons and volume control, with metallic finishes integrated perfectly into the chassis. In reality, the Envy x2 is beautiful to look at, with a streamlined and stylish aesthetic.

This, together with the lack of expansion port on the tablet, makes sure that are no sharp edges, making it not only looks pleasing to the eye but also comfortable and safe. Perhaps, the only compromise between aesthetics and usability is represented by headphone jack on the detachable base.

What really impresses, though, is the locking mechanism on the base of the tablet which is stable and sturdy and does not produce unnecessary sways of the screen.

In terms of size and weight; they are in the average of similar devices. The tablet weighs only 710 grams but when connected to the keyboard dock it weighs 1.41kg.

Touch and keyboard

Having a physical keyboard is one the great advantage of hybrid devices using Windows 8 on rival iPad and most Android tablets.

Basically, with the attached dock, the Envy X2 becomes almost an Ultrabook with an 11.6” screen that gives space to integrate a keyboard which is worthy, providing a pleasant typing experience. As for the layout, the keyboard does not disappoint; the keys are perfectly spaced and have the right size. The multitouch track pad is somewhat large, making it an alternative control device.

Like most of its rivals, the HP Envy x2 uses a good IPS panel, having good color contrast and excellent viewing angle. With 400 nits, the tablet is usable in bright sunlight, despite the inevitable reflections generated from the surface of tempered glass.

The resolution is of 1,366×768 dots is not bad, but in the era of screens like Apple iPad’s retina display, HP could have made more effort considering the fact that the price is close to that of other hybrids with Intel Core i3.

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