News HTC Butterfly 2 Dot Case : Do i really...

HTC Butterfly 2 Dot Case : Do i really need it?


Now that you have an expensive smartphone, what’s the need for the case? If this is the element running through your mind, then you should be extra cautious about your phone. Smartphones become the apple of the eye just because they have the beautiful screens that let you scroll, choose, type and view with ease. But it is actually the screens that need to be take care of the most. This essentially brings up the need for a good cover to protect your phone. Talk about bumps, dirt, scratches and other damage, the cover is what will protect the phone! A robust case which can go strong in all conditions is what you need!
What if you were to see a product that would fulfill your need for style and protection both? A product well suited to your budget needs and totally in sync with your choices, the Dot Cover for your Butterfly 2 is just awesome.

Features to amaze you!

While every flip cover may seem the same, what if you did not have to open the flip cover to use your phone? This is the biggest advantage of the HTC Butterfly 2 Dot View Cover!
HTC Butterfly 2 Dot Case : Do i really need it?

With the special feature to let you answer your calls without even opening the case, it keeps your phone protected from all the sides even while you are answering a call or using the phone. It shows you the notifications, messages, reminders and signals right over the surface eliminating the need to flip the cover and open the phone. Available in many colours, you can now choose what you want it to be like. With the dots and apertures just perfect for the font that shows, the camera and the transmitter are free.
Providing precise cutouts and made out of the best Quality of material, this case is surely a long lasting option. With rubberized plastic case material, the feel is super fine and non-slip making it wonderful to touch the phone without making your hands sweat.
You can use the HTC Butterfly 2 Dot View Case as a stand and as a regular case. Though you nay left it open for long, it still retains the elasticity and shape. You cannot however operate it using one hand only because it would take the other hand to open it for sure. Though it is sturdy and strong, it does not mean that you can be careless about it. Be it answering the calls, seeing the temperature and even changing the volume setting so the phone, you can all do it, using the case over the phone.

With a beautiful design and a solid look attributed to it, the HTC Butterfly 2 Dot view case is the perfect accessory for your Smartphone to make it smarter. The light weight texture will enable you to carry it seamlessly around without making the cover seem like a burden. Cool designs and a light weight cover, this is one deign that has been made with a lot of care and detail. Now that you have gifted yourself the smartphone, gift your phone security and safety with the HTC Butterfly 2 Dot View Case and make it last longer.

HTC Butterfly 2 Dot Case : Do i really need it?
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