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HTC Evo 3D smartphone

3D without glasses – which can not only expensive TV, but also some phones Matthias Kremp has tried out the new HTC Evo 3D: Technically, the device is quite interesting, yet it remains just an expensive gimmick

This phone is a hunk. It probably needs to be, because stuck in his stomach next to dual-core processor, various sensors and advanced network technology also three cameras. Two of them work as a duo, in addition to simple photos are also impressive 3-D images and can record video. To view emblazoned on the front of a 4.3 inch large screen specialist, on the one so well photographed images can actually look in 3D – without the hassle of 3-D glasses.

hat sounds good, however, is accompanied by some disadvantages. Once one of the side-mounted switch from 2-D changes in the 3-D mode, the display shows a spatial image. That changed, however, at the moment of switching colors also very strong. A light gray veil seems to define it, the colors will look dull, bluish. The latter would not be so bad, but there is a 2-D mode before a red tinge. At the same time, the screen brightness but loses and has noticeably less brilliant.

The three-dimensional pictures taken and videos are still pretty good. A few basic rules it applies to the recordings to be observed. First, that only really looks good horizontally snapped. This is simply due to the optimized arrangement of such snapshots of the two lenses. On the other hand, that 3-D photos come only from a distance of about 50 centimeters from the lens. The distance is small, the recorded drift apart from the two 5-megapixel cameras, and images are available as single images instead perceived as a 3-D object.

Considered themselves on a 3-D TVs that work not bad snapshots. But even here, they lack the brilliance, sometimes even more acute. 3-D videos that appear on the mobile phone display still work well on the big screen is not high resolution enough, they lack detail.

It is really hard for 3-D games. On our test unit had been installed ‘Let’s Golf 2 3D’ and ‘Asphalt 6 3D’. In the fast changing pictures that go along with such games, most of our testers the short 3-D effects are felt quickly as stressful. The eye strain can be limited by reducing the depth of the effect via software control. Then it’s not quite as bad 3D, but also makes it more fun.

Easy multi-use

And even without 3D makes the Evo 3D photo breaks in play and fun. Because on the one hand, the large screen share, if you have hands, which are themselves large enough to reach the symbols on such a screen. Above all, the 1.2 Ghz processor ensures fast, that only rarely occur waiting periods, for example, if expensive games are loaded into memory.

Otherwise, HTC’s Sense-called surface effect, as they would be charged with a turbo. A lighter flywheel with your thumb and you pull the seven home screens like a raging carousel on the screen. Only after the third turn they stop. Correspondingly little effort, the HTC phone has when playing movies top surfing the Web.

Technically and optically top


Effort makes the Evo 3D contrast was more to his owner. For it is not only big, but also difficult. At least 170 grams, this phone brings 3-D on the scale and is therefore not quite as handy as it should have been the name phone. And it is not particularly durable. Although manufacturers HTC promises a standby time of up to 14 days and a talk time of more than nine hours, in practice it makes intensive use but often much sooner tired. If you hold back a bit, it creates a typical working day, but nothing more.

Reassuring, is that from the factory with the latest Android version 2.3.4 is installed, you are buying so up to date on the latest status is also the technical equipment of the Evo 3D: Besides the usual proximity, acceleration and anything else sensors plug a GPS receiver, Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n in the device. Along the way there is via HSPA with up to 14.4 Mbit / s online.

As a smartphone it can absorb the Evo 3D so easily with the competition. This applies to the technology as well as for the optics, which appears with value and robust. Of the 3-D functions, one should not expect too much contrast. Who likes the 3-D representation of a Nintendo 3DS, will also be satisfied, but that should not apply to everyone. In the continuous 3-D games and movies on the screen of the Evo are just too exhausting. 3D on the mobile phone is for the time being an expensive gimmick. Can you do but you do not.

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