HTC One M10 certainly the best smart phone you are looking for

When a topic related to smart phones arises, certainly all users discuss about the design, features and specs provided in their phone. Be it of any brand, avoiding some facilities most of the features are co-related with each other in condition, the model should be of upgraded versions. The users feel overwhelmed while elaborating the features in their smart phones.They even never draw back from the discussion of the upcoming models from their certain brands. This is acceptable but up to a limit. It’s other matter, when you need some other facilities on your phone and long to have some other extra features related to the brand but it’s wrong to spread rumours regarding the features and specs for the upcoming models from the brand. Some other users who certainly have no ideas regarding the upcoming models from brand get affected by the rumours which are completely baseless. This is not wise to spread the rumours regarding features and specs of the brand on the web.

HTC One M10, a new upcoming model from the brand HTC One has also been affected by some of the rumours streaming on the web. These rumours are certainly baseless as the brand hasn’t yet disclosed the properties or features and specs for HTC One M10 model. Some freaking fans upload these baseless rumours raising the expectations of other users who certainly get defied when they don’t get the facilities as of the mentioned rumours. The users shouldn’t fly off with the rumours and wait until the brand officially announces the predicted features and specs configured in the new model yet to be launched.

Some of the hot and common rumours following HTC One M10-:

  • 3 versions with inbuilt memory of 16, 32 and 64 GB.
  • 2 expandable memory slots of 128GB each.
  • The Sapphire screen of HTC One M10 model would make it much more durable that is said to withstand it from any breakage or damage from any accidental drops.
  • 2” screen will enable it to comply for 4K resolution of 4096 x 2160.
  • The HTC One M10 is enhanced with a very powerful processor that is with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Octa-core, with a speed of 3.5 GHZ.
  • Rear camera of 27 MP, enabling it to capture the best videos and stills.
  • The front camera of 10 MP enables for best selfies and best quality for video calls.
  • Features in camera include optical image stabilization, auto zoom and auto laser with phase detection.
  • 3400 mAh battery power.
  • Wireless, solar and instant charging facility, which will waive out the problem of battery charging.
  • Eye sensing security provides the safe and secured options to safe guard your device.
  • Gyro, pedometer, compass and navigation features are expectedly enabled.
  • HTC One M10 is designed as more slim, sleek and rounded with premium metal composite which enhances the protection on dual side, thus increasing the durability.

All these variants of rumours are spread on the web pages which are certainly baseless. As the brand has conveyed its users by the relevant features in its device, it will certainly work out for the customer satisfaction. HTC One M10 model which is expected to be realising in the year 2016 in the month of March will certainly be adorable as of the previous models did get.