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HTC One Review


The HTC One has had its official press release by the Taiwanese manufacturer and is due to hit the market any day now. Here we offer a product review and videos of the HTC One, which looks set to be a great mobile phone deal.

The Build

The HTC One measures 137 x 68 x 9mm and within this is set a prominent 4.7-inch touchscreen display that boasts 468 pixels per inch. This far exceeds the pixel density on phones such as the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

The casing itself is entirely metal and this gives the HTC One mobile phone a feel of quality and durability. Inside the technology powering this smartphone includes a 1.7GHz processor and there is a range of internal memory options from 16 to 64GB.

Would you prefer a built-in memory to the use of memory cards?

The Features

Running HTC Sense 5.0 the HTC One has a live home screen to which you can pin for example your favourite social networking accounts and the home screen service, called BlinkFeed, will change as the world changes around you. BlinkFeed can also be used to display a selection of your images in a 30-second burst of colour.

Another great enhancement is HTC’s BoomSound, which projects itself through dual front facing stereo speakers. Linked with Beats Audio the media experience is fantastic and sound doesn’t distort even when notched up to full volume.

Would BoomSound and no longer needing separate speakers be enough to win you over?

The Camera

There has been a lot of interest about the camera in this mobile phone, which is described as an UltraPixel camera. The move takes a step back from the megapixel race and lets face it there are only so many pixels the eye can see. Instead a new sensor allows 300% more light in and the result is a better quality of image when compared to 8 or even 13 megapixel phone cameras.

Another nifty feature that the camera offers is the capture of 20 images and a 3-second video clip when you press the shutter button. Users will be able to pick the best still image as well as keeping the 3-second video picture and of course these can be displayed on the home screen with BlinkFeed.

Would you be prepared to switch to an UltraPixel camera and leave the megapixel race?

Sense TV

With Sense TV the HTC One can take control of your TV and within a few simple clicks users will be able to adjust the volume, select TV channels, view TV guides and notify you when your favourite shows are on.

Would you be prepared to throw your TV remote away?

Sense Voice

This handy little feature removes the need for adjusting the in-call volume. Dual microphones sense the surrounding ambient noise and adjust the in-call volume to compensate.

So, the HTC one mobile phone looks set to be a success story that might just renew sales for HTC, which as of late has been struggling against it main competitors Apple and Samsung.

This review was provided with the co-operation of who provide mobile phones deals in the UK

HTC One Review
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