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Hubbardton Forge wall sconces are exquisite accessories for your home that are the designs of craftspeople that use innovative combinations of materials to design sconces to compliment any decor. Some of the materials that designers use to create interesting and unique wall sconces are copper, glass, slate, metal, and a variety of hardwoods.

The glass to create a unique wall sconces comes from countries around the world. Each of the wall sconces is hand-blown and crafted to be of the best quality. If you love accessories for your home with the appearance of a fine antique, you may like polished aluminum styles. The sconces are burnished and coated with a clear coat to give them a weathered appearance.

Typically, forged iron is a dark color, but new technology allows hand forged sconces to be created with a variety of finishes to compliment any room or architecture. Wall sconces may be created using either an opaque or translucent finish.

Bronze finishes have a deep gold or amber appearance. This type of finish may be complimented by wood or stone. Burnished steel is a good choice for a contemporary home. Tones of lighter grey come through the steel to give it a modern appearance. Dark smoke appeals to people who appreciate the look of metal that’s aged.

The color is a blend of a smoky grey and champagne. This style and color can complement any decor whether modern or traditional. Mahogany is a very rich brown with tones of copper and a nice sheen. Wall sconces in a mahogany shade are a perfect complement to a traditional or contemporary home.

Sconces created by Hubbardton Forge are available in a multitude of beautiful styles. Homeowners love incorporating them as part of their home decor because in addition to providing mood lighting for any room in your home, they’re elegant yet practical works of art.

Some of the popular styles of Hubbardton Forge wall sconces are the lovely trellis style with fluid lines and lighting that has the appearance of candles. The style compliments a formal living or dining room.

A curved or rectangular glass wall sconce with a traditional, hand-forged metal finish is the perfect addition to the Early American home. The smaller stone and glass styles are the ideal accessory for a room in which you want soft, mood lighting.

One way to incorporate Hubbardton Forge wall sconces into your decor is to install a grouping of sconces in a long foyer to add a dramatic effect. A three light sconce is a good way to add lighting to a darkened area of your home.

You can also buy wall sconces for the outside of your home. Coach lamp styles are always a favorite to light the front and back entryways. Hand forged sconces for outside are a great addition to the patio or deck area and provide additional lighting at night.

Hubbardton Forge Sconces
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