Hubski: Twitter+reddit+Tight knit forum

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Hubski has been around for a while now – and for a good reason too. The aspiring social network is what you’d get if you smash Twitter and reddit together, of course, due to it’s rather small (but active) user base, it is rather tight knit too.

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What is Hubski?

Hubski is a combo of reddit and Twitter, taking the style, upvoting, and threaded view features from reddit, while taking the ‘syntax’ of how you hashtag from Twitter. The community itself is rather tightknit, so the hashtag feature is used more as an archive than anything else, the main feature of Hubski has become the Global view.

The Community of Hubski

Again, the community is very, very, VERY tightknit, everyone knows each other and will usually tag another user who they guess knows something/has an opinion about the topic. The community itself can be both fun and serious when it’d like to act that way. During times of a major political happening, Hubski has friendly, but very thoughtful debates, though in other times, Hubski relaxes with a couple fun forum games.


Hubski is a tightknit community which boasts a healthy combo of reddit and Twitter, large enough to have fun, but yet quaint enough to know who’s who. The community may lack trolls but has no shortage of satirical and sarcastic responses. It’s a place to refine your way of thinking and learn something new. And most of all, it’s a place just talk – or ask hubski’s motto puts it ‘A thoughtful web’

If you do make an account, don’t forget to follow me on Hubski 😉

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Hubski: Twitter+reddit+Tight knit forum, Seekyt
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