Hugo: The movie which left a great impact on my mind.

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There are a lot of movies that leave a great impact on the mind of the watchers. But Hugo is a movie that left the greatest impact in my mind of all the movies I have ever watched(I may be exaggerating it a little). Actually I have seen the full movie last night and when I am writing this, I am still stunned and amazed by this film.

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The film is based on the novel of Brian Selznick namely “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”. The story of this film is based on the life of a little boy named Hugo Cabret. The story is based on the 1930’s period. Hugo is a little boy of 12 years who used to live with his father who was a clockmaker. When his father died, he couldn’t go to school anymore and had to live with his “Uncle Claude” who used to do the work of winding up clocks in a railway station. Hugo learned the mechanism of the clocks from his father and when he was living with his uncle he learned operating big clocks of the station. However, suddenly his alcoholic uncle left the station one day leaving Hugo alone. But the little boy Hugo kept winding the clocks every day and lived alone in the walls of the station.

But Hugo had to earn his living by thieving. However, when Hugo’s father was alive, Hugo’s father found a broken automaton in a museum. He and Hugo started fixing it together. When Hugo lived alone in the railway station he didn’t stop fixing it thinking that this automaton might give him a message from his father. Later Hugo comes in contact with a shopkeeper George Melies and his godchild Isabelle. At one point the real identity of George Melies is revealed. But did the movie have a happy ending? I won’t tell this since it would ruin your fun.

The cinematography of this film is incredibly good. The struggle of a street child was perfectly shown in this film. Moreover the lovely friendship of Isabelle and Hugo was very beautiful and romantic to watch. After I watched it for the first time, I eagerly watched it again and then again and it didn’t make more bored ever. Seeing Hugo thieving using various techniques and the security officer chasing him were indeed funny. But at the same time it has shown a perfect picture of an orphan’s life.

The acting was absolutely decent. Asa Butterfield played the role of Hugo perfectly. Chloe Grace Moretz also acted quite perfectly as Isabelle. It was indeed great to see these two kid artists acting such perfectly.

However, I won’t speak anything more about the story of the film. But you should remember this film’s story is closely related with the development of the movies and movie cameras. It also shows how special effects and illusions were added in films of the 1900-1930 periods.

Here is a youtube video of the full movie. Interestingly enough this movie not only received appreciations of the critics but also made a decent income in box office.

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Hugo: The movie which left a great impact on my mind., Seekyt
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