Hulu Plus Arrives on the Xbox 360 with Opening Week Free Trial

Hulu Plus has made a move to broaden their member base by bring their service to millions of Xbox 360, One and owners who have Xbox live. Hulu Plus is a service with competitors such as Netflix and other streaming media service companies. From this Hulu itself could see good growth if Xbox users are driven to use their service.

By opening their service to Xbox live it opens up a flood of new users to their subscription service. Hulu Plus on the Xbox brings new way for its users to watch on demand films and many other types of streaming video content using their televisions. Given the fact that there are over thirty million Xbox live members Hulu has an excellent chance of adding much more subscribers to their pay service.

The incentive to get users to sign up for Hulu Plus on Xbox is that they’re offering a free week of the service for all Xbox live users. The free preview of the service, no credit card required, is sponsored by Jack Link’s beef jerky and is available from April 29th all the way until May 6. After the end of the free preview period Hulu Plus will only be available for those who have an Xbox Live Gold membership. Of course, Hulu Plus still costs $7.99/month on top of the yearly cost of Xbox Live Gold.

While Hulu Plus on Xbox is great there are some reports with slightly less-than-optimal video quality, less smooth video movement and some frame dropping in comparison to other video streaming on the Xbox using different apps. Which i expect will be less of a problem in the features once Hulu works out the bugs.

Current Xbox consoles (360 and One), through Xbox Live, joins a number of other devices that offer Hulu already including the iPad, Android devices, Blu-ray Players and more. Coming later in the year Hulu Plus is also expected to become available on WD Live Media players, TiVo DVRs and various HDTVs by LG, Panasonic and Haier and various Blu-ray players that do not have Hulu Plus yet.