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Best Hummingbird Feeder Product Review, Seekyt

If you are seeking a hummingbird feeder that benefits the bird and consumer then buy an Hummzinger Highview. This feeder will not fade, does not leak, is easy to clean and allows you to enjoy many hours of bird watching.

I love to watch hummingbirds and over the years I have bought many feeders. These feeders needed to be replaced often due to leakage, color fade and I had a constant problem with bees, ants and other crawling insects.

I never heard of the hummzinger feeder until a neighbor told me about it and shared an product link with me. I searched for the hummingbird feeder and before buying I read all of the positive feedback from the customer comments. I liked what I read and bought the inexpensive feeder. This hummzinger highview feeder did not let me down and I am a satisfied customer.

Hummingbird Feeder Features.

The hummzinger feeder features a perch that encircles the bowl feeder. This perch allows the hummingbirds an area to rest comfortably while they drink the nectar. The feeder also features a water moat that encircles the nectar bowl. This water moat keeps ants’ bees and other crawling insects that are attracted to nectar from crossing the line and contaminating the nectar.

Another five star feature is the easy to clean nectar bowl. I was able to thoroughly clean the bowl and there was no leftover sticky nectar residue.

Other Feeder Benefits

  1. Feeder is made from unbreakable plastic.
  2. Feeder holes are on the top preventing spillage.
  3. Comes with hanging hook.
  4. Lifetime guarantee – will not break and red color of the bowl will not fade.
  5. Hummingbirds can rest on the perch and feed from the nectar. This will allow them to retain more energy as they no longer need to flap their wings excessively to hover close to the feeder.
  6. While hummingbirds are perched at the feeder you will get a “birds-eye view” and many close-up photographs.


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