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Humulus Lupulus or a Hop Plant?


Humulus Lupulus, what is it? and why is it so popular?

Humulus Lupulus is the technical term for the hop plant and the reason its so popular is because the flower or the Hop Cone that Humulus Lupulus produces, is one of the key ingredients of beer. Now that’s why everybody loves it!

Humulus Lupulus grows in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Great Briton and many parts of Europe. Because the hop cone is a major ingredient in beer, there are many commercial farms around the world but there is also an increasing number of people Growing Hops at Home for their own personal brewing purposes.


Some people grow Humulus Lupulus at home for aesthetics and herbal uses, but the people that are passionate about their beer are the ones that are making this plant more widely known. Fresh hop cones grown from your own home is becoming more and more popular as people are looking for higher quality ingredients to create higher quality beers.

Humulus Lupulus is a perennial plant that grows over the spring and summer before it dies back to its original root system over fall/autumn, only to return again from the same root system the next spring. It’s a great plant to grow near a patio to provide shade in the summer but allow sun in during the winter.

Humulus Lupulus is a climbing plant that will attach itself to a fence, a pole or a wire that you have deliberately placed to encourage the plant to grow in a particular direction. You can grow the plant either vertically or horizontally.

The Humulus Lupulus grows from a Rhizome. A rhizome is simply a portion of a root cut away from another established plant. That portion (the Rhizome) can be planted elsewhere and it is what is used to grow your own Humulus Lupulus.

Growing Humulus Lupulus at home is easy and it is made easier by all the information published on Growing Hops at Home website.

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Humulus Lupulus or a Hop Plant?
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