Hunting Ghosts With Amazon

Want To Catch a Ghost?

Have you ever wanted to be a Ghost Buster? I was surprised to recently discover that I can purchase all my special ghost hunting gear at … you guessed it … Amazon! I decided to investigate further into this online paranormal paraphernalia.

Ghost Hunter Starter Kit

For the beginner, the Starter Ghost Hunting Kit boasts everything you need. It includes an EMF meter, which measures the electromagnetic fields apparently affected by spirits. In the handy carry case you’ll also find a motion sensor, pen type thermometer to measure infrared, and an EVP listener which converts magnetic signals into audible signals so you can hear voices from beyond. There is even a book to help you understand what it is that you are supposed to be doing.

Temperature Gun

The laser pointered temperature gun looks very professional and impressive. This hand held instrument measures temperature in both celcius and fahrenheit, and, if the ghost can be seen, the laser allows the user to accurately point the gun directly at it. The unit is available in bright red.

Spirit Box

Disappointingly, a spirit box is nothing like the contraption that the famous Ghost Busters used to capture spirits. It is, in fact, a device that creates white noise in various frequencies. Ghosts appreciate this noise as an invitation to talk, and therefore feel encouraged to communicate with you while you are using a spirit box. If you wish to record the voices you hear, you can always attach a digital recorder.

There are also many accessories available to everyone from the beginner to the most experienced Ghost Hunter. Be sure to check out the reviews of these products on Amazon. Many are fascinating, and some are downright creepy.

Happy hunting!