Hurricane Irene arrived in New York. (Photo Gallery)

Hurricane Irene, which killed eight people and the evacuation of at least 1.5 million, came Saturday evening in New York turned into a ghost town affected by torrential rains.
Hurricane Irene returned on Sunday for the second time in New Jersey, near New York, said National Hurricane Center (NHC), according to AFP.

At 10.00 GMT (13.00 GMT), Irene was accompanied by wind gusts of 130 kilometers per hour, the NHC said, with headquarters in Miami.

The hurricane came ashore Saturday morning in North Carolina, then turned to the ocean along the coast of Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey, then returned to near Atlantic City, New Jersey.
‘The end of hurricane reached us,’ said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg during a press conference.

The mayor urged residents to remain in their homes.

‘Do not leave the streets, stay in your homes or in reception centers,’ he insisted, adding that it is ‘too late to go’ for those who did not meet recommendations for evacuation from flooded areas.

While violent gust of wind blew over the city, the mayor said he expects a significant increase in water in the morning.

Transport in common are stopped, airports closed, thousands of people are evacuated, so New York, usually so animated Saturday night, seems like a dead city. In Manhattan, bars and restaurants were closed on Broadway performances canceled, and the usual hordes of tourists have abandoned Time Square.

Many shops have protected windows with wood panels, and New Yorkers were locked in their homes.
About 370,000 people have received eviction from Mayor Michael Bloomberg to evacuate flood-prone areas of the city, a unique situation in New York.

Some of them fled the city, others fled to relatives in hotels stormed the 100 centers or reception hall open.

Earlier in the day, Michael Bloomberg has made the economy of words: ‘It is a matter of life and death do not wait,’ he insisted, fearing a surge of water that could cause flooding and disruptionelectricity.

In New Jersey neighbor, over a million people were evacuated from coastal areas. Almost all tourist town of Cap May, located directly on the path of hurricanes, was evacuated.
Irene came ashore Saturday in North Carolina, accompanied by strong gusts of wind and torrential rain and electricity depriving hundreds of thousands of people.

Five people died in North Carolina, two in Virginia, including a child aged 11 years, because over the building to fall a tree, and a surfer in Florida, according to emergency services.

Irene will climb on the east coast, heading for Washington, New York and Boston, one of the most populated areas in the world with 65 million inhabitants, and may be accompanied by waves three to four meters high, according National Hurricane Center (NHC).

President Obama, who asked to be kept abreast of the situation every hour, met with his team in charge of emergency and that includes in particular Vice President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, The White House said in a statement.
At 20.00 (Sunday 03.00 GMT), Hurricane Category 1 is at 485 km southwest of New York. This move northeast on a path at a speed of 24 km / h, according to NHC, with gusts of wind up to 130 kilometers per hour.

Closing the three New York airports, including JF Kennedy, created a formidable chaos, with thousands of flights canceled.

Rail services were reduced and the company intends to suspend traffic Amtrack on the east coast on Sunday.

But rarely confused about, tourists and New Yorkers came in large numbers Saturday in accommodation centers set up by the mayor.

Some New Yorkers ignored the mayor’s orders.

In North Carolina and Virginia neighbor, about 900,000 customers remained without power Saturday evening, electricity companies have announced.
Authorities fear the damage that could cost between five and ten million dollars, according to expert estimates.

‘I have known such a threat from a hurricane for decades,’ said Chris Vaccaro, a spokesman for the meteorological services.

A true ‘monster’ Irene has a diameter of 840 kilometers.

Northeastern United States is usually protected from such depressions. Gloria in 1985 was the last hurricane to hit New York.

‘It will be a very long weekend for residents’ east coast, concluded Vaccaro.