Husbands Upset Their Wives When..


Wives get upset when the husbands get angry, anger is inevitable in a marriage but keeping it under control is important, even if the anger is justified, finding a constructive outlet is necessary. Many relationships, marriages and homes have come to an end because of anger issues.

Overwhelming anger or rage is even worse; rage can lead to violence and the terrible consequences of unbridled anger. Violence is uncalled for which could lead to accidents, injury or death. Rage is a passing emotion so both parties should find ways to vent their rage without hurting each other, psychological, physical and mental trauma are the after effect of rage.

Violent relationships were the husband hits the wife should never be tolerated or accepted by the wife, anger is one thing but physical abuse another. Don’t get battered blue each time and pray he changes, try counseling together and if that doesn’t work pack your bag and kiss the union good riddance your life is important.

Wives get upset when husbands are untidy

Some men are just untidy and throw their things all over the house, keeping a neat house can be a challenge if the husband just doesn’t care. He might pay little attention to his hygiene, outer appearance and mannerism.

The wife can change this shoddy behavior by complementing him anytime he meets up to her standards; men love to please their wives despite the macho stance.

When the man is to Logical

It is true that men run on logic women on emotion, this is purely biological and no fault of ether party, logic is good but too much logic can be irritating. The man might result to unnecessary criticism of their spouse when they do certain things, taking it in stride might avoid confrontation.

Men can be emotional but they hid it pretty well so you can give your husband a little slack when he becomes to bossy. He might seem self fish because he seems disconnect with the wives emotional needs, you should understand the way his mind works he might have work related challenges on his mind

Financial issue, coming home late

Wives hate it when men are not forthright about financial issues, bills are stacking up and should be paid yet the husband seems to freeze anytime money is mentioned. Some men are misers while other might be experiencing financial difficulties without the wife’s knowledge, in this situation open communication is the key.

You can help your husband with some of the bills if you are financially able, honest discussion on financial matters helps because the bills will not go away. Financial issue can be school fees related, house rent, electrical bills, household items or even a mortgage.

Coming home late

Some men are in the habit of coming home late at night, they might have gone to a pub before getting home, and this habit can become a serious issue in a marriage. So he likes his beer and its putting a strain on your marriage, why not come to a compromise instead of nagging and have a quarrel every weekday.

Let him have his beer only on weekends, and give him something to rush home to every time, late home coming if due to traffic or work related issue shouldn’t be a problem. Understanding his daily challenges can put a proper perspective on the relationship and marriage.

Love and dedication in a marriage works you need to discuss issues formulate plans and work as a team, no marriage is perfect and there are lots of challenges and problems. So overcoming each challenge only makes the family stronger, always put your family in prayer and do your best.