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Hyde Park on Hudson Soundtrack

The soundtrack for the biographical comedy-drama Hyde Park on Hudson will feature musical compositions by British artist Jeremy Sams. Although he is more well-known as a film director, Sams has scored several full-length feature films as well as a few television programs. He composed the music for the films Enduring Love (2004), The Mother (2003), and Persuasion (1995). He also worked on television programs namely Have Your Cake and Eat It (1997) and Performance (1991). He is also an accomplished translator, writer, musical director, lyricist and orchestrator. He has directed West End musicals such as Spend Spend Spend, Chitty the Musical, Amour, and The Water Babies. His most popular work as a director is his revival of Noises Off by Michael Frayn. In 1995, Sams won an award in the Best Music category from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. The award was in recognition for his work on the film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

That said, given his experience and accomplishments, Jeremy Sams has all the qualities to really create a good and appropriate soundtrack for a period film like Hyde Park on Hudson.

Reviewing the film for the cinema blog The Playlist in a review article titled Hyde Park on Hudson is a Lightweight and Toothless Crowd Pleaser, reviewer Rodrigo Perez called the soundtrack “gentle in the key of delightful”. Although the review is generally not positive, he gave the score some sort of a thumbs up and that’s a good thing. For cinema music lovers at least.

The trailer for the film featured a track by Benn Jordan. The track is called Tomorrow Untrodden and Benn Jordan released it under his pseudonym The Flashbulb. Jordan is an American IDM musician and jazz artist. He has produced his works making use of various pseudonyms such as Human Action Network, FlexE, and Acidwolf.

About the Film: Directed by Roger Michell (Morning Glory, Enduring Love, Titanic Town, Notting Hill), Hyde Park on Hudson chronicles the time in June 1939 when then American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was visited by King George VI and Queen Consort Elizabeth of England at Roosevelt’s country estate in Hyde Park, New York. During such time, Roosevelt was in the beginning of a relationship with soon-to-be mistress Margaret Suckley.

Bill Murray (Moonrise Kingdom, Get Low, Zombieland) plays Roosevelt in the film. Olivia Williams plays his wife Eleanor. Samuel West and Olivia Colman play King George VI and Queen Elizabeth respectively. And Laura Linney plays Margaret Suckley.

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