Hydro-Pro Boots Adidas A winter boot? adidas hydro pro review

At first glance you see the goal they had in mind the designers of this boot. What makes it different from the others: NO DRAIN. It is a fully enclosed boot with no way out for water.

So let’s start counting how it has worked the lack of drainage during the test: water in the ravines we have done with them this winter, this has been ideal, creating a pleasant effect neoprene. It will also be in ravines and very cold water at any time of year.

However, dry canyons, you’d better take the boot snug to the foot or the gaps between the foot and the boot filled with water and will weigh too much on the dry sections of walking. The absence of release of water is ideal for cold, but it is a torment in ravines or low water summer. Some dry Guara ravines almost be uncomfortable to do with these boots in August.

But those fans who visit areas of high water, cold, or are able to work for 4 seasons, will appreciate this bonus at certain times.

adidas hydro pro review

This is the main distinction of this boot on his two most direct competitors. Again, we have to say: rather than oppose, these 3 models are complementary.

Traxion outsole

In this regard no complaints, rather the contrary. Grip in wet conditions comparable with the sole of the S1-C4 Canyoneer of Five.Ten. Maybe a little lower, but not much. A little better than the Vibram HydroGrip carrying the Canyon Guide to Bestard. In fact, they are nuances that are offset by the durability of the boot. The 3 are very close in performance, and what you can win some you lose grip in durability.

Say, after testing it on the cliffs enough to see her wear, which, perhaps, the Adidas has the best ratio between grip and durability. The durability of the sole 5.10 is weak, because the sole is pure performance. And the Vibram sole that fit the Bestard loses a little in grip, but is the best in durability.

Making it clear that the differences, although there are small. Do not expect to be giving gaffes Bestard boots as with some private label market.

Adjustment of the boot

Perfect. The best in this type of boots, even for narrow feet, the weakness of its competitors. We really liked it, tried for several testers with different molds.

The setting works with a combination of 3 elements: Quicklace (same as used in Salomon trail running shoes), along with a fully enclosed rack leaving the instep and a wide strip of Velcro that holds the ankle. Yes, the metal buckle that rotates the velcro strip is hard to maintain in place, as it tends to revirarse with stress. Not affect the fit, but it happens.


Very good, even after use, we would say that anything less than Bestard. Cnayoneer clearly superior to both.

It is made of plastic materials that make a real all-terrain boots. We noticed some desgate at the seams, but nothing serious. As we say, much better at this than the 5.10, and somewhat looser than the Bestard.

Overall rating:

We have found a very good boot. Although usable, especially if well adjusted, is not very suitable for hot and returns approaches, scarce water and ravines. But on the other hand is highly recommended for water canyons and cold situations. This is a German boot, and possibly manufactured with specifications that do not fit entirely in some of the droughts of our mountains, but are great for some of our ravines, and most of those found in Germany Austria and these countries.

If we ask if we recommend this boot … is difficult. We would say that to someone who will only have a pair of boots, not a regular barranquista and guns down only in summer, and in places like Guara, the Mediterranean or Andalusian mountains, perhaps you had better to prefer one of the other two models.

But barranquistas demanding guns to fall throughout the year, winter and summer, technical, very aquatic, with numerous dark, serious areas, which even visit other countries to satisfy their passion for it … yes. Perhaps not as first boot, but as a second for many situations.

We can only welcome this new model. Gradually, the different niches of activity that can perform barranquistas begin to cover, just as decades ago began to specialize the mountain boots.