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Hypertension Drugs May Cause More Problems Than They Solve

If you suffer from high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) you likely are on some medication to bring your pressure back down to a normal level. However, if you are taking these drugs, you should know that they are not without their side effects. In fact, most prescription drugs will have lasting long-term effects.

Side Effects of Hypertension Drugs

All drugs have side effects. It is just what happens when a foreign substance enters the body. However, some are more pronounced than others. For instance, blood pressure medication often will leave the individual with a bit of a headache, some joint pain, a dry cough, and in more severe cases vision problems, fainting, or chest pains. But the human body has a remarkable way of adapting, and most of those less severe side effects will drop off as the body becomes accustomed to the new drug.

But problem do arise when the severe side effects last for long periods of time. And those problems are even further exacerbated when the side effects of some drugs mimic the symptoms of another disease. Take for instance the fact that the hypertension drug Benicar can have a side effect of gastro-intestinal problems. These problems, which are called spruelike enteropathy, closely mimic the symptoms of someone suffering from Celiac disease (most commonly known as gluten intolerance). The two are so closely related that individuals often go misdiagnosed for weeks before the true cause is found.

Control Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Instead of relying on prescription medication that has a history of being bad for you, control your blood pressure the natural way.

A quick internet search will help you find all of the foods that are supposed to lower your blood pressure. I will give you a hint: you won’t find any fatty foods, processed foods, or red meats on that list. Instead you will find whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and some fish. Even better that list will contain foods like dark chocolate.

The other half of controlling your blood pressure is to be active. Study after study after study has shown that regular exercise (combined with a proper diet) is the best way to prevent major illnesses and health problems. Unfortunately, in America, people hate to exercise. It likely stems from the idea of going to the gym, but exercise is so much easier than that. Walking for 30 minutes per day is usually enough to increase one’s heart rate to the point where they are doing their body good. Bump that up to a fast walk for an hour, and you’re light years ahead of your peers.

Get in Shape

It isn’t that hard to get in, and stay in, shape. In fact, when you start the journey you will find that you feel so much better that it gets easier and easier as time goes on.

Skip the medication, and do it the old fashioned way: with diet and exercise.

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