I am Back

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Now I haven’t been on this site in months I hope everyone is doing well? I have been busy as crap starting to do some good work just hope that it all pans out for me.

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I see there have been some updates to the website? I am wondering what the point system is all about. I guess after this article I will have to do some scrolling around to see what is new. I like the new layout its very user friendly.

I love that we are still able to make some money on here. It looks like the referral system is doing well. I don’t even know how many referrals I have. But what I am most concerned with is the writing of my articles I have to stay on base and see what can happen from there.

I have some good things to talk about so we will see what I can come up with for the next few weeks to get back on a better schedule. I think the time off of writing a little bit made me think of a new approach to get readers involved.

Because lets face it that is what we write for anyways is so people can read it and relate to what they read or possibly give their input on the topic. I have some new topics to cover just thinking about my next article and the one after that to. I don’t know if this site has a limit or not but I guess I will find out has time goes on. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and give me some kind of feedback to what I am writing.

I have been told that I do talk a lot so I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. I just like to say what is on my mind and make people have a good day. I honestly kind of forgot about this website but now that I am back I hope to write a lot of good and funny articles. I am all over the place in this article I am sorry.

What is the like system does it help you get your articles promoted or featured? Well I hope you all have a good day and hope to see you reading what I got weak after week.

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I am Back, Seekyt
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