I Am Not Casey Anthony Please Do Not Hurt Me

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Everyone was waiting and watching for the latest Casey Anthony updates to find out what would happen after the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. I think that Casey Marie Anthony has been in the news for too long already. I see no sense in going over the Casey Anthony trial. There is information all over the World Wide Web concerning the matter.

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I Am Not Casey Anthony Please Do Not Hurt Me, SeekytStoneywolf Self Defense Women’s Seminar Dvd


I like many others are puzzled when it comes to outcome of the Casey Anthony hearing. I have no idea what really happened and so far, it appears that many are not so sure. I am not here to judge the woman one way or another. I feel sorry for the whole bunch. However, bad things happen all over the world all the time. I am not interested in the Casey Anthony boyfriend or even the Casey Anthony story.

I Am Not Casey Anthony Please Do Not Hurt Me, Seekyt

The story is pitiful and heart wrenching for many individuals and families. Whether Casey did anything right or wrong is not my concern nor a judgement call for me. Unfortunately, because of the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial there seems to be an evolving series of unfortunate events. However, many of these unfortunate events may include innocent people who are Casey Anthony look a likes.

For instance, you may have already heard the CBS news video or story about one Casey Anthony look like and someone who was perhaps very confused who recently attacked a look a like from Oklahoma. This person may have thought in her own mind that the attack was a good thing that in some way she was helping. However, the person who attacked the look a like was very wrong.

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The person she attacked will never forget what happened. She was terrified and did her best to get away from the negative situation. However, she was chased down it seems and run over. She was lucky to have not been killed or terribly injured. Others on the roadway or parking lots are lucky to have not been harmed. However, what happens when it happens again?

I Am Not Casey Anthony Please Do Not Hurt Me, Seekyt

I am very horrified to have seen the news and the video of the attack. The woman attacking the Oklahoma woman thought she looked enough like Casey to loose her cool. Seemingly, having sit and wait to attack the look a like. She did not stop at one attack she continued to attack. The victim felt she had no other choice but to lay there playing dead and hoping for some type of rescue.

As a mother I am outraged along with the mother of the victim, the Casey Anthony look a like. It actually made me cry to know that other innocent people may be in danger from bullies or vigilantes. I thought to myself, more and more of these types of incidents would occur. That is a frightening thought and I do not have a child that would come close to favoring Casey. Nevertheless, in my opinion the only thing the victim has in common with Anthony is her hairstyle and nearly the same coloring of hair. Her child was not with her, but her name is Caylee too.

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I began to think that Casey Anthony look a likes might need something to identify them selves as not being Casey. Since this Oklahoma woman was attacked while she was driving, naturally the thought of a bumper sticker would be a good idea. I then went to CafePress and designed a simple but clear message that might help those who feel they might need something that says:

“I Am Not Casey Anthony Please, Do Not Hurt Me!”

I Am Not Casey Anthony Please Do Not Hurt Me, Seekyt

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I Am Not Casey Anthony Please Do Not Hurt Me, Seekyt

I have done this because I think the whole issue is senseless and I worry that someone else might be harmed in some way. I am horrified of the news and the attacks that might occur just because someone might think that someone else looks like Casey Anthony; someone; they are not and then cause them some type of harm. As a mother, I am worried about any other Casey Anthony look a likes out there in the great big world. If these items can be of assistance to someone then I feel that I have done my part to make the world a better place.

I am not a professional web graphic designer, the graphic is simple but the message should be powerful enough to help someone somewhere and if any of those items can do that then the time and effort are worth it. They are not marked up. I really do not care whether I make any money off this. In fact, if you can make them yourself, design a different design that can help these innocent people or yourself, then I say go for it. Too many people have sufferer already whether they are a Casey Anthony look a like or not.

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I Am Not Casey Anthony Please Do Not Hurt Me, Seekyt
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