I Cannot Find Help Paying Back Child Support – Now What?

What to do when you cannot find help paying back child support?

It may not be easy for some former spouses to help paying back child support. This can be due to several reasons which the paying spouse is not able to handle and they may either be genuine or not genuine. It is usually very important to find out why suddenly you are not getting child support before making any conclusions, and the following could be some of the reasons:-

Loss of Job: The paying spouse may have lost their job but due to pride or shame may be afraid to inform the one with child custody of the situation. They would also want to maintain respect from the child especially if it makes them feel like a failure and would not want to inform the child or former spouse during their routine visit.

Family responsibilities: There may be more demand on the income generated by the paying spouse if he already has another family that depends on him.

Death: The person paying back child support may die and it would take time before issues concerning their beneficiaries or administrators of their estate are clarified which may hold back payments.

There are several places that one can seek help in such a situation and these may include seeking legal advice, approaching the government for help for the child or just making personal informed decisions on how to proceed with your life.

As soon as a person has confirmed the reason why support stopped, they may then make decisions on how to proceed and outlined below give an insight to some of what they can do.

Maintain Friendship: It is usually not easy, but a divorcing couple should try remaining civil and maintaining friendship because friends can talk to each other and find a solution to issues. If the couple are still friends it would not be extremely difficult to explain the reason why the support has suddenly stopped.

Friendship can be extended to families and sometimes if genuine, the family of the spouse who is unable to pay child support may be willing to help the divorced spouse with custody of child, but this is only possible if good relations was maintained with them as well.

Seek legal advice: Should you have extra funds you may seek advice from a lawyer on how to proceed so that you may continue receiving the payments. The outcome would determine whether the paying spouse’s salary can be attached, but would give a way forward on this matter.

Approach the Government or State:These have departments that provide child support and this is another area that can be explored by the person who is not receiving child support anymore. There are laws which guide such issues on a case by case basis and this would be of use to such a parent.

Look for alternative income– Some spouses may seek ways to avoid paying child support and even contest this in court. This can become an endless and draining battle for no reason and if you are the one with child custody, it is advisable to look for ways that can generate more income to fill that gap. It may not be easy to hold several jobs but it is possible.

The above is not exhaustive but may give guidance on where to find help paying back child support if you find yourself in such a situation.